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  • Hey, just noticed that you had sent me a message... for some reason I hadn't noticed. Feel free to hit me with a message when you come online though, if you still want to chat.
    Hiya, you sent me a message but then went afk and I had to go so sorry if I wasn't around upon your return, I hope you're okay.
    No problem.
    Thanks and you sound really interesting too.
    It was great talking to you.
    -Morgan :)
    Hello Appletree! Very long time, no speak! I haven't been on here for absolutely ages, since meeting my now Fiancé on here and him getting a little jealous of me talking to people on here lol and have only just seen the message you left me on 04-14-2009... I felt bad that I never responded (as I never knew about it) so thought I'd leave you a quick message. I'm well and no longer lonely, I can even go out now, so I'm over the agoraphobia - providing I'm with my Fiancé - so things have very much improved since we last spoke. I hope you're well and that things have improved for you also. :)
    Hi, I've just realized, I think I might've accidentally "rejected" a conversation with you earlier. If it wasn't then no worries, but I remember seeing your name and attempting to minimize the tab for a moment, but ended up closing it instead. And I have no experience with the chat at all, so I didn't really react at the time. If that came across as a rejection on my part, then let me assure you it wasn't meant that way. ^^;
    To tell the truth, I'm probably not the best person to talk to via a chat, since I have a bit of a phobia of instant messengers, but I do really appreciate the offer and I'd love to be friends if you want to. :3
    Hi Appletree, think you were trying to get me on the messenger, darn thing never works well for me. If you wanna chat send me a visitor message any time, hope you are well.
    Hi Appletree! Love your nickname! I can relate to what you wrote about just losing touch with friends.. Maybe you just need some new friends? :) Wishing you a lovely day!
    Hi, I noticed that you had sent me a message on the chat. Unfortunately, I received it a few mintues ago after I logged in. Is there anything I can help you with?
    Ah, yeah it's hell being so sensitive about what others think of us isn't it? Having a.d.d and dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of, you're clearly a friendly and intelligent person, judging from this :) I feel like such a waste of space too, but the cool thing about this site is that I can relate to pretty much everyone on it which never happens in reality. So yeah, you're "not alone", and [insert other cliche sayings here] heh :D
    really really really bored, but then i'm really bored all of the time, society confuses me a lot and i feel utterly seperate and unable to connect to other people in any way.
    I think I have a.d.d or something and i try to avoid people because of it, because they will ask me something or tell me something and i will have forgotten it about five minutes later but not deliberatly.
    sorry i'm going on a bit.
    hope you're well :) x
    Haha, not only did I post on my own page by accident, I also deleted the one on your page instead of the one on mine and then had to fix it. I'm such a dork, lol!
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