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  • You can download an awesome ayurvedic book from here. The_Ayurveda_Encyclopedia_-_Natural_Secrets_to_Healing__Prevention___Longevity.pdf | Ayurveda Encyclopedia | isoHunt - the BitTorrent and P2P search engine
    It is a torrent file.
    morning.. how are things.. I am going to make a post on alternative ways to combat anxiety & things which have worked for me.
    I was telling you the truth :)

    btw, here are some video's on Tibetian medicine. Its a mix of Chinese and Ayurveda.
    You may want to get familiar with Ayurvedic basics before playing them.
    HRB339 Ayurveda Bipolar 01c Manic Depression Anger Ayurvedic Psychology Tibetan Medicine Chinese Acupuncture on Vimeo
    The subconscious doesn't filter things. It will take what you give it and work with it. So give it something positive, something you would like to be. Why not BeautifulEyes (looking at your album) or HappyGirl :)
    why the name WierdGirl? you should change it into something positive (its an order :) )
    If you use it all the time, imagine how deeply it will get etched in your subconscious.
    Then you will need to more time to fix that, seriously..
    Interesting. Do you think you have "psychic abilities"? I never had them and don´t see (or perceive) ghosts during the daytime, only in the sleep but only under special conditions. I don´t see auras but had aura pic + video. The aura is actually changing colors, mine was recently ultraviolet/lavendel :). The colors say things about people´s personality.
    Thanks, I would like to hear your experiences. Why do you think you have it? Mine maybe were triggered by driniking ayahuasca. I was fasting before ayahuasca too but didn´t have this.
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