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  • I am biased but I do think (I can talk horses for hrs..sorry :p) after watching this video you will agree the Morgan is a superior horse. I almost bought one a few months ago from an old cowboy who had 70 of them but they were average age 10 and had no training :( He still wanted a mint too haha I want a black Morgan and bay (colors) What Can A Morgan Do - YouTube
    Haha yes I know the song :p yuck..Horrible 80's music!

    wait.. did you say you took up riding? I am so excited for you! I bet there are a lot of warm bloods where you are which are my favorite horses, but I cannot narrow it down really, really loaded question LoL For riding in the mountains around here I would like to get a Morgan. I really like a gaited horse for comfort and they are also sure-footed on the trails. I love thoroughbreds and Hanoverians <--(the most majestic I have ever ridden) are up there for the fastest and all-around-athletic. If I wanted a fast trail/endurance horse I would probably go with an Arabian, but I am still siding with a gaited horse over-all. Last horse I rode was a Morgan and I was in-love. Quarter horses are the standard in these parts though, for working cows.
    Hey LF! Sorry for not answering before, got a bit distracted/ADD, hope you managed to find something useful on your own! It depends what your issues are, what could be more helpful.. a list of some books that I've found helpful is here: http://www.socialphobiaworld.com/hi-people-28104/page-2/ (mind you, been reading these since I was a teen) They're not for SA specifically, for that, might wanna look at the 'step by step' anti-SA program. Otherwise, maybe Meeting People Is Fun and Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People? If you have any post-divorce or post-breakup things to work thru, there may be books and forums specifically for that.. Take care & hope you are well!
    Things are all right between my job and my baby I am pretty busy these days. LOL. I am sure you understand. My daughter is eating peas now and seems to like them. My Job is trying really hard to get me to take a promotion, and I am trying my best to resist them. We will see what happens won't we? I am glad you seem to be making progress, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    Hey. Hows is it going my friend. Sorry it has been a while. I have been pretty busy in the RW. I hope everything is well. How is single life? Or are you already not single? It wouldn't suprise me if you already got snatched away from being single. LOL I saw you picture. Let me know how everything is going, and if there is anything I can do to help.
    ha ha, I have a list somewhere... I really like books, there are days when I just read, and there are weeks when I don't read at all... (except online or other stuff) I'll try to find that list for you.. have you read any books on this or similar topics already?
    I'm literally numb, I'm freezing. I'm maybe a little better I guess thanks, changes from one minute to the next though.
    You're not allowed to go offline-LoL-Thanks Back!! I am good for a Monday. I need to get productive here pretty quick...must go offine :)
    Take care *Hugs*
    Hey thanks man. So you are in hell with me huh? Do they at least serve drinks here? I wish there was something I could do to help you. Come to think of it I wish there was something I could do to help me. I am not sure whats going to happen with me and my girlfriend. We are sort of in limbo right now. I am not sure what I am going to do.
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