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  • To Hope, you have been visited by miss.Pingu
    I used to have phone phobia too, very serious. I hated phone calls and i never pick up. :S ... im just scared. I heard about CBT techniquie, and i heard that it helps if you stick to them, so yeah thats right! I want to get help .. but im a bit scared to express my problems, and then the docter tell me, i have no problem. the feeling of rejection, is hard to bare. but so far, i been googling helps, like how to improve self-esteem, since i have a ziltch one. Mind telling me what triggered your problems? .. since its only been 6 years, must mean you was fine before? But i hope your sa improves, just keep on moving, me too! :) & thanks for the compliment on my avatar, i changed it because i wanted a peaceful feeling, like urs! hehe :) .. so u influenced me! its makes me feel a bit warm inside, just looking at it!
    thanks for that quote :) it does feels positive. I also heard of this other good one: "Everything will be Ok in the end, if its not Ok, its not the end" - i think that means, if things still not okay, it means your not there yet, so keep moving and work at it, until its okay, then its the end.

    and yeah, thanks. i will try and keep on the right path .. it feels good to do the right thing.
    Thanks for the positive advise :) i think thats the truth to feeling better. Its like a battle for me, my body feels lazy, but at the same time i have this energy inside me that wants to conquer. Its something i have to force myself to do, but i know i feel great after its done. I've gotten used to not doing much ever since i failed at something in life, i just gradually changed, i used to be really active.

    I have deep depression, and social anxiety. I try to be positive, but there still this negetive energy floating around me. I think this year, i am making more progress though. Im glad to hear you are pushing yourself forward, 6 years is long. You did well, plus you have a gf. \:)/ So, thats great! Have you gotten help from therapist? .. Im mostly self-help
    my day been okay so far, but not feeling great though, but i'll be alright, thanks :)
    How about you? nice day? .. So how serious is your SA? I tend to make excuses to avoid social situation too, i just get really nervous and has happened before, rarely i would be comfortable. so i know how you feel.
    lol, yeah exactly, im not hurting anyone.. Im being a good citizen! Just likes cartoon and such xD
    and Go for it!! with the excuses, the more the better haha.. hehe :)
    Thank you :) ~ ... and Yeah, im just going to be me :>
    as long as im not out there commiting crimes or taking drugs, its okay to be who i am.. hah
    nice to hear ur day been nice, well it is the weekend, so its okay to wake up late, its excusable! ;)
    hehehe, thanks for being ok with me being kiddish, people tell me to grow up! because im rare and for an adult they think its socially unacceptable. but then people tell me to be myself, so this is me :) .. and yeah, u should Sooo youtube it! hehe, Pingu!! \:)/

    im actually just a year older than you, im an 85'! Just looking at your avatar, im already feeling hopeful about life, thanks for that! Its little, but it matters. You have a goodeye for lovely things! :)

    Hope ur having a nice day today!
    lol, i have thought of that, hope not! hope i get to see it longer! :)
    but i cant stop u, if u want to change and if u do, im sure it still be good!
    and yeah my username is related to me in a way.. its not my name though, lol..
    but u can call me pingu! :) and it is the cartoon actually!
    Im quite kiddish for my age, which is actually an embarrasing fact about me.
    :) yay! get to see ur avatar again, and i ♡ ur username! hopefully ur do the excercise tommorow! never too late! ;)
    I like when u post a message in my profile, it means i get to see your avatar when i look at it! :) and thanks! hope u have a nice day today!
    Hello :) its nice to make friends here and i really love ur avatar, it gives me the feeling of hope!

    Oh, and i feel honoured to be ur 1st friend :), and im sure many more to come!
    dont worry you did it right heh :)
    This place is a great resource of information and there are many cool people that come here. I think you will find you like it here, one thing though is that this place can get alittle addicting after awhile.
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