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    I'm a mess, and almost committed suicide

    During my time away from the forum, I thought I was doing better. But after the recent seizure I had, whatever issues that were there were amplified. And I got a new problem that put suicide considerations into my head (I actually was planning on doing it last night). The reason, I was having...
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    Why are some guys total doormats?

    I've noticed that my dad is totally devoid of all boundaries when it comes to women. He lets my sister and his current wife walk all over him, buys them whatever they ask for (no matter how expensive), does literally everything they ask him to do (regardless of how unethical or unrealistic)...
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    Have you given up?

    This is a question for those who are either considering, or have given up on dating and all things related. So I'm just curious, have you given up on the game of romantic love, or considered it? If so, how come? In my case, I frequently consider it, and change my mind from time to time. I have...
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    Are abusive relationships normal?

    My entire life, I've seen only abusive relationships and marriages unfolding in front of my eyes. Even now, in my early 20's, I still have an all-black view on the whole thing. To be honest, I would like to have a romantic relationship, but there's quite a few things stopping me from having...
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    A question for the other guys around here...

    Hello my fellow men, I got a question for the other guys here involving women. Over the last few months, I've found a few guys (VERY SMALL amount) who claim they have girlfriends, but aren't wealthy and have limited social status symbols. Yet around where I live locally, there isn't one guy...
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    How would I accept being single forever?

    I have managed to override the depression caused by this, however, the desire has not gone away. But I have realized that (excuse me if this sounds grim) every single female human being on the face of this planet would rather die a very painful death than have anything to do with me when it...
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    I've had problems with the younger generations of women for years. I have been trying to gain help from the website and try to eliminate the problem, but that's not exactly working in terms of taming fear. I haven't told many of the other users all the sources of the problem, but after...
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    The dating world is more horrifying than ever. Q~Q

    Hello everyone- I wish I could have started a topic that is FAR more positive than this one, but... Well, I've been struggling with the game of romantic love for years, but now I've hit a block that I doubt I can break. I acknowledged that I'm not emotionally ready for romantic relationships...
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    Revival of pessimism

    Hello everyone, I've returned, although I wish this could be more positive. The biggest issue I've been having for years was almost resolved, until I started learning more about it. Getting a girlfriend/future wife seemed appealing to me, but now...after so many people have told me it's...
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    Key to solving certain depression issues

    Over the past few months, I had depression kick in, and after doing a little research, I found out why. A lot of this has to due with diets and exercises. I figured out why I had negative mood-swings a few months ago, and apparently this was due to a nutrient shortage. Drinking things like...
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    The death of school bullying

    New Jersey Enacts Nation's Toughest Law on Bullying - Yahoo! News This will most likely give school bullying a slow and painful death... Future generations in the United States (at least in New Jersey) might not be as corrupted as most believed that they would be.
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    Does the internet bring out the worst in people?

    This was probably asked before, but I just want to see what other people have to say about it. Thanks for your input
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    Causes of bullying

    I've conducted research on the roots of bullying, and I am disgusted at what I have read. Despite this, I would like some input on why this sort of thing happens. Why do you think bullying occurs? (sorry if something like this was already posted)
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    God's negativity tranquilizer

    Today, I experienced something that wiped out all negative feelings (mainly resentment towards others) that were built up inside of me. Though this sounds trivial (and somewhat stupid to some degree), I had mother nature purge my fears, anger, and it somehow drained my irrational fear of...
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    Is it common for mature people to rarely say immature things?

    Just out of curiousity, is it common for mature people to say immature things on very rare occasions?