The death of school bullying

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Now, if only this applied to the internet...

It would be good if they could track down the cyber bullies and hackers so that we wouldn't have to deal with them.


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from my own experience

most bullying is conducted in seclusion

far from the watchful eye of authority

i wonder if this law will help anyone feel better about themselves

aside from the politicians


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i don't see bullying ever stopping. it is present with every generation. it just seems worse now bc bullies have more ways to conduct their bullying via internet,text,etc.

It feels like the emotional/verbal abuse type bullies are the biggest problem now. obviously the physical bullies are a huge problem but i seem to hear more about the emotional terrorist bully more than a kid getting beat up.

I feel like that's why we're hearing about these young girls and boys committing suicide bc they were can take a beating from another kid better than they can take emotional abuse from another kid. Proving that words are the harshest and most dangerous weapons a bully has.

how does anyone think they're going to stop that??? I hate to be a downer but i don't see it happening. i see it getting worse as generations of kids become more and more embedded with that entitled attitude.


I would say it is good for some, some people learn how to deal with these things and others don't. Obviously in an ideal world they wouldn't have to, but IMO you have to learn how to stick up for yourself because no one else will. Maybe i'm biased because i went to a school that had zero discipline, kids could beat up whoever they wanted and nothing would happen.
Not all situations come down to someone wanted to kick your butt. When I first started getting bullied it was just name calling. Which in itself seemed harmless to any teachers. But all the other kids in my class no longer wanted me to associate with them because I wasn't cool. I had to sit and eat by myself because no one wanted to be seen with me. This was just 3rd grade mind you and the start to all my ****ed up mental issues. In all honesty I would rather people had just beat me up.


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There was a 'zero tolerance policy' on bullying the entire time I was in school, but that didn't stop anyone from ripping my self-esteem to shreds and beating the crap out of me during recess.
Bullying comes in so many different forms and it's a part of human nature- there's no way to stop it.

Teaching tolerance would be a great step up, though.


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Secondly learning to deal with bullying and confrontation is all part of growing up, it's not like it stops when you get to 18.
Is it? So we just give up on the children that can't learn to deal with bullying on their own, and develop mental illness, or committ suicide because of it?

I think there is a responsibility for schools to provide a safe environment for children to learn in. If they don't they should be made accountable for the damage their failure to protect can do to the lives of children.

I also think there should be education of parents, teachers and students to pick up on the signs of children that might be suffering from bullying before the serious damage is done.

Teaching children appropriate ways to cope and react to bullying would be also useful. There is no way children can be prepared for the physical and mental abuse of bullying.


Teaching children appropriate ways to cope and react to bullying would be also useful. There is no way children can be prepared for the physical and mental abuse of bullying.
I think this would be a really good idea. I mean we have to get sex ed so why not bully coping skills?
To basically adopt the phrase 'it'll (bullying) put hairs on your chest' is so ****ing masochistic. It's different at work, you're there for a specific reason, and that's your focus. You didn't,essentially, go there to make friends. You're there to earn money. Adults have that option to make friends elsewhere. At school, interaction is forced and essential to be moderately comfortable there. The same could be said for people in work, but there it isn't absolutely necessary you make friends.
And if, as an adult, you're not happy where you work or you want friends and that's not something you can get at the current place you work, you have the option to easily hand in your resignation and find another job. (Although in this climate,I know it can be difficult.) As a child, you're herded like a sheep to go from one place to the next, either by teacher,parents or get what I mean. You have no choice in these matters, because your adults 'know best.' Hahaa, I'd just like to add that's a load of ****ing bull****. I'm smarter than most of the adults I know, I'd say apart from like Matthew, my dad and sister Siobhan...I should be guiding these ****wits who somehow, once 18, grant themselves permission to treat you as an inferior because they've lived a few years more.

Perhaps if we educated children from an early age that this pack mentality that perpetuates the idea that for the sake of acceptance and 'friendship' we should marginalise and victimise individuals, and additionally, conform, is quite frankly, a load of ****ing bull****. It's simply not necessary. I think it encourages immorality later on in life (if I can do what I like, and treat people how I like in school,I can do it anywhere), and encourages a kind of egotism and and insensitivity because you're just looking out for #1. More developed education about sensitivity and empathy may prevent, or help to prevent, bullying.
This defence mechanism, or 'toughening up', that children often adopt instead of suffering this unpleasant and demeaning experience can only help you so much.You're still probably going to feel incredibly lonely and anxious. Who the hell could say they really liked being ignored in this manner? If you did, you're lying.

Since I was perhaps 9 or 10 I've been bullied. My classmates, whores in the years above me at school,strangers who don't like my appearance, it goes on. I didn't, and still don't, need to suffer this for the sake of preparation later on in life. I repeat, I'm not a masochist. It's not necessary for me or anyone to have to endure this traumatic abuse for 5-7 (maybe more) years of my life. This bullying has caused me to become such an anxious and unhappy person. I'm repressed, and when I do get angry, it's difficult to control because I was always alone and I could never say anything back to these people.Now, I go overboard. If someone insults me, even if it's trivial, I will go all out to hurt you too. (Haha, my temper often ends up terrifying people.)

Work and school are two separate, dissimilar environments. It's funny, because as I was typing and saving this on my phone at school, my 'friends' had (subconscious or not, idk) formed a circle to gossip about (predominantly other girls) and complain about their mundane lives. This excluded me, I was on the outside of the circle (or my chair was,anyway).This was not how the chairs were arranged at the beginning of lunch. As usual this girl called Jo took control over the conversation, all attention was directed towards her. What a pathetic excuse for a beg, haha.
Anyway, I had previously tried talking to them earlier, they weren't interested, and I received one or two word replies. What's the point of me constantly trying to join in when they are always going to exclude and ridicule me?

What victim of bullying would accept they should endure this kind of treatment because it makes you a stronger person? It's easy of you to encourage the idea that people currently being bullied and marginalised should work through it and make the best of this ****ty situation, you're probably not going through this,are you? You might have never been. And if you have received this kind of treatment in the past, it's over now. I'm just saying, it's easy of you to sit there and tell people like me to suffer through it.
After all, why take the advice of someone who doesn't have to confront this reality 5 days a week, or deal with the consequences of feeling worthless and lonely?
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I'm not saying "let the children top themselves". I'm saying schools won't stop it no matter how hard they try, unless they fit hidden camera's and microphones all over the place, and neither will parents. In most cases the kid will have to deal with the bullying themselves.
^This maybe somewhat true but parents can take an important step to HELP their kids to deal with bullying,they should let their kids know that they're not completely alone in this. Also I found that some parents of the bullies are even proud of their children cos they consider it a strength and see nothing wrong with it. Its also hard to identify some bullies because they are often viewed as 'Good kids' in the eyes of parents and school authorities. Some bullies also get massive public support in school as they're generally the so called 'popular kids' of the class while the victim doesn't have many people to stand up for them.
Shouldn't assume what,firstly.

And secondly, you can't generalise about schools. My school does deal with bullying and takes it seriously, obviously incidents will happen because members of staff aren't around 24/7 to take care of you. So in that respect, it is just you.
I recognise that, I don't rely on these people, but it would be nice if I could talk to them from time to time so I don't feel like a 100% outcast. I know I basically am because I'm different and smarter than all of them put together, I don't need that reminder that I'm ignored though.
A lot of the time, when I was included, I wouldn't depend on them. I'd go up to the library and complete my ****loads of homework, I'd read (that was reaaally occassionally) or sometimes I'd just sit and think while they nattered on about bull****.
I personally suffered a lot because of bullying and my school never did a **** about it because the bully was one of the top graders and athletes of the school. They took strict actions against others(her friends) but never against her. She always got away with only warning.
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Yeah, but I still don't think you can generalise going on two examples... my school is pretty good with things like that. It's in their best interests to support us and make sure socially we're doing fine, otherwise that means unhappiness, and therefore maybe not doing as well in exams?

My school is a grammar school, idk if you know what that means...but putting it simply, it's an exam factory for nerds. They're squeezing the best grades out of you just so they can say 'Oh look, 90% of our students achieved As and A*s at GCSE and A Level.' Sorry if you have no idea what I just said, haha.


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I alway say it would be a good Idea to gave the right for parents to be able to sue the parent`s of the one bullying their kid.
Haha well I didn't generalise at all. I was only talking about my personal experience and I do understand that its different in different schools. (btw my school was also somewhat like yours only without that matter)