You know you're deprived when...


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...You shut off your laptop and then hug it for warmth.

...The highlight of your day is working in menswear and staring at the models on the underwear packages.

...You want one of these.



You retain your face book account full of acquaintances and people you have nothing to do with anymore "just in case" they want catch up with you.


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Do they come in girlfriend models? :D

I saw a girlfriend lap pillow for taking naps.

aw... that's kind of sweet, actually~
but I do prefer cats.
Even if my cats don't like to be cuddled- I'm not a cuddling person.
Petting them can be very relaxing.

You know you're deprived when... you watch movies over and over again and comment on things as if you were watching it with a friend.
Okay, getting back on topic...

- When you've got so much porn, you had to write a program to find the images you want

- When you write a program to calculate how close to your ideal (%) that any woman is, but you've never actually ever been on a date with one

- When the only company you have (inside house), on a regular basis, are ants and spiders, and you talk to them (& you don't want to poison/spray them as their your "only friends")

- When you believe that "christmas spirits" is an alcoholic drink (eg sby says 'aah seasons greetings & xmas spirits to you!', and you reply, 'no thanks matey, i had a drink a short while ago, but you're welcome to share some of mine .. its a very good vintage, brewed 25 xmas's ago!')
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