You know you're deprived when...


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狼;564341 said:
you know your deprived when you use leaves as t.p. (I have done this once or twice when wilderness camping and it's not as bad as it sounds haha:cool:)

Make sure it's not poison ivy!!::p:


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This sounds like a great way to spend a night!

Hell yeah! Just need some vodka and lemon juice to complete it. I'm not a fan of beer.

You know your deprived when you lie down staring at the ceiling all day thinking of things you've done in the past.


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I'm sure you mean vodka and orange juice, right? ;)

No, I definitely mean lemon juice. It's the best with vodka, given, I don't drink much, but still. lol

And I'm only one aloud to use the winking face...look it up, wikipedia says it.



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I'm a sucker for vodka and orange juice myself. And I'll use the winky face all the time! ;)


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You roll your blanket out into human form and cuddled with it as it were a girl. I've grown so attached to this that I can't sleep otherwise

There are actually girlfriend/boyfriend pillows! ::p: