What is the worst physical pain you have ever felt


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Ok...in light of my recent brush with pain I thought it would be interesting to hear other people's experiences with physical pain.

For those of you who don't know...this morning while shaving my legs, I shaved off a chunk of my fingernail right down to the skin below...yeah, it hurt, but it definitely pales in comparison to other experiences I've had.

I did go through natural childbirth...(I wanted drugs but things moved too quickly)...and yes that was unbearable pain.

But, I think what might even take place over childbirth was when my dentist came up with a "grand idea." I had a cavity...a very small one so she told me. She then asks me if I want to get it filled without novacaine. I was a bit leery, but she assured me it wouldn't be too bad. So, she starts drilling and I was getting electric shock pain. She stops for a second and then says she is almost done and asks if I'm OK. I told her it hurt and she responded with, "Only two more seconds!"

So I told her to go on...she starts drilling again, and I felt the most unexplainable, ungodly, un(fill in the blank) pain I have ever experienced. Not only was is it an electric shock in my tooth....but it went throughout my body....it was absolutely excruciating. You can't move with a drill in your mouth and I can't even remember how I got her attention, but I did. I told her in no uncertain terms would she continue without novacaine. And she actually responded with, "But I'm almost done!" Obviously, she had never experienced having her tooth drilled without pain control first. Needless to say I got my novacaine and never went back to her again.

What is the most extreme physical pain you have ever felt?


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fell out of a tree and landed on a cinder block - tore a chunk out of my right shin, down to the bone

then there was the time my brother threw a can of orange crush at me and bounced it off my forehead

or that time i had an unforeseen zipper mishap during a hasty encounter with an australian fashion model in kyoto

but the worst was probably the sciatic nerve pain that resulted from a lower back injury - it was unbearable and totally unrelenting - lasted a couple years
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Broken collarbone.
They can't put plaster on it to keep it still, the bandage thing only helps a little bit. So it moves everytime you lie down, get up, sit down etc, until it heals.


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Falling off a swing back-wards landing on my head hitting a concrete floor. Blood everywhere.

About 10yrs ago passed out drunk and have the kicked out of me by a so called "friend".

But the worst would have to be. About 5yrs ago I was coming home from work on my scooter. I was going about 35MPH around a sharp blind corner. When this stupid cow decides shes going to overtake me. Even though she couldn't see if there was any oncoming traffic coming. She pulls out and overtakes me and as she comes across in front she miss timed it and *BANG CRASH* she comes in wat too early and knocks me off. I go one way skidding across the tarmac and my scooter goes the other way. Thankfully I had no broken bones or serious injuries. But I had cuts all up one leg and bruises did some damage to my knee (which still plays up now and then) my leg swelled up to twice the size and a sprained ankle.

If she had come in any earlier who knows what would of happened?????


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When I was a kid I fell while I was roller-skating and tried to break my fall using my hand. As a result, my wrist was sprained, and I remember crying. Also my right knee misaligned itself twice and hurt like a bitch everytime I tried to move my leg. Good thing the damn joint relocated and popped back into place both times!

But besides these incidences, I don't think I've felt anything worse.
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A shot of peniciline. The shot itself was nothing, but I felt the whole thing going trough all my leg. I barely could walk for an hour.


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Luckycharms, just reading your experience made my teeth hurt. D:

The worst pain I have ever felt... Hmm... I have a few ties.

1) The first day I got my braces. My mouth hurt so incredibly bad, even after taking painkillers.

2) After getting my wisdom teeth out. It didn't hurt so much the first day as it did the next day and so on. But then again, I did get my jaw filed, so that definitely just added to the pain.

3) When I had my first allergic reaction to apples. Holy hell, I only had a sip of apple juice and it felt like someone took a blender to my stomach. >.< Gah, the pain lasted for hours. It's a wonder I didn't throw up or something.


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Well... I haven't had any children, but I imagine that would be the worst.

I had sleep paralysis often when I was a teenager. At least once a month.
That always seemed like the most unbearable, unending pain and I was always terrified to go to bed because I could wake up to having all of my muscles tense up-- unable to even call for help as my body felt like it was collapsing in on itself slowly.

I've been assaulted and broken bones but in comparison, the pain wasn't so bad. Mostly just the emotional shock-- but physically, it's nothing.
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I fell out of a truck and dislocated my knee cap. It looked really nasty. I had to call an ambulance and go to the hospital to get it reset back in place.


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I got melted polyester over my right ring-finger and got second and third degree burns. When I ripped the polyester off my nail and most of my skin was ripped off with it. I had to use a special skin repairing ointment for three months before it was healed.


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I broke my big toe jumping into a swimming pool on a Thursday but didn't find out it was actually broken until Monday. And since I also messed up the nail, it wasn't securely wrapped up, splinted, or otherwise immobilized. Whatever pain medication I was given didn't seem to help at all, either. I just had an overwhelming desire to cut the damn thing off myself. I figured it couldn't have hurt any more than the break.

Sometimes when it was throbbing my leg would jump from the pain, and that really made it hurt. Then as the pain got worse, my leg was more likely to jump from the pain.... Eventually it got better, but that first week was a real pain.



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When I was in the hospital after a near fatal car wreck I had Pneumonia, and my left lung was filled about 70 percent with liquid, once they knocked me out and put two tubes in between my ribs going down into the lung.
That wasnt so bad since I was knocked out, but then a few days after they removed the tubes, they had to put one more in because more liquid was building up again, this time they did the same thing but with local anesthetic, so I could feel the tube be forced between my ribs, which apparently closed up faster than the doctor had expected, and down into my lung, which then made it very, VERY difficult to breathe for a second.

Lets see, I also had a catheter removed, and a new one put in moments later while I was awake.

Like a poster above who had a cavity filled with out Novocain, I had a root canal performed with minimal pain relievers, they put a plastic prop in my mouth to hold my jaws open, and I was biting down so hard my jaw was immensely sore for weeks afterward.

I was eating Snickers bar and when I bit on a peanut a tooth cracked in half.

A month after having my wisdom teeth removed I bit down on something too sharp for me to be eating at that time and it tore open the spot the removed the teeth from.

I smacked in the face with a solid wood, 8 pound mannequin head at a concert...before the door opened, It was easily a concussion and blood poured out for maybe 15 minutes. Heres the kicker, not only did I go ahead and drive home, I really enjoyed the concert overall, I think I may be partially insane.


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Brace pain was pretty bad.
The most painful part for me was when they shoved those big rings on all 4 of my back teeth. I hated those things

Oh that remind me
I had a severe under bite as a kid, they had to widen the roof of my mouth, so what that means is, I had a metal divider placed on the roof of my mouth tht once a day needed to be widened, I would say its like having the roof of your mouth split open from the inside.
A related story, when I was 21, the doctors finally finished up on 15 years of dental work in preparation for a surgery in which they cut part of my lower jaw and moved it back to give me a correct bite.


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Oh that remind me
I had a severe under bite as a kid, they had to widen the roof of my mouth, so what that means is, I had a metal divider placed on the roof of my mouth tht once a day needed to be widened, I would say its like having the roof of your mouth split open from the inside.
^ I used to have a friend that had to have that done. She said the pain was awful too. I can't imagine what it must've felt like. D: Thank god I didn't have that done.

When I got braces, my teeth were so messed up and crooked. I actually had a tooth growing above where it was originally supposed to go. So what they did was they put a "chain" on it, and then attached a rubber band stretching from that tooth to my bottom canine. I had to have that on for... I think it was 2 months? Just to pull the tooth down into it's original spot. Ugh, that was awful pain too.


When my dentist pulled my tooth nerve without asking or warning me beforehand, without bothering with numbing injection. It was excruciating. I remember I went then out and to the park still in agonizing pain. (Didn´t know about painkillers back then).

Besides I had terrible pains after having surgery and in some other cases (won´t describe them all but there were many.. ). As a kid I also once jumped from the attic and hurt my back badly.. then I was lying at least several days and couldn´t move..