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  • Hahaha, I think she would love to drink if she got the chance! Yes, here the age for drinking is 18 so I guess I can't stop her ;-) The weather in England is mixed. We have very hot days, but mainly a lot of rain. In fact I think its most common for our skies to be white and our weather non-descript! What about there? Ahhh yeh, that must have been the bridge we were on. I went on a small tour around the states, from New York - Los Angeles. Went with a tour group. I love your country! Lots of diversity between the states. Whats Baltimore like? Have you always lived there? This weekend I have a couple of friends coming to visit, so I hope I'll be able to put my worries to one side for a while. What do you do for work? Weekends off are always good - I hope you find something nice to do with it - I'm sure Dino fancies a walk ;-) x
    I never knew that about 'torties' hehe, although I can believe it - when she last went to the vet she caused the assistant cough with all her fur! But yes, you're right about pets! I've had my cat since I was 7 - I'm no 25 - she's been there all the time! I'm in England - south of London. Did I see you were from Baltimore? How is it there? I've driven past Baltimore! I think we were on some kind of famous bridge, but I'm not sure, we were just passing but we saw the skyscrapers - very exciting hehe. My day was ok. The past week I've been trying to be more determined and focused but I think today I was too lazy and didn't have enough to do as I've been thinking lots again :-( What about you? Nice weekend ahead? x
    Dino :) What a cute name. I have a tortoiseshell cat called Nutmeg. Pets are great aren't they? So loyal, and I don't have to worry if she doesn't reply when I greet her ;-) That storm sounds a little scary. Do you have many out there? We don't have many over here. But when we do... its very scary! x
    Hello, Lucky! Thank you for the friend request :) I have just read your reply to my Post - thank you for your good advice and insight - it really helps hearing from somebody who has been through the EXACT same thing, and got through it, very encouraging. How has your day been? And is that your dog in the photo? Its cute! x
    Hi. :) Yes, people occasionally do race them. I've never seen one, and I have mixed feelings about it. But they sure are fun to watch.

    Not one of the smartest dogs, but they're quite good at doing what they were bred for: seeing things and running after them. I once made the mistake of throwing a ball for one just as a bird was flying over. He chased the bird for about a thousand feet before he came back. :cool:

    And they love being pampered. Their short hair and their thin, bony bodies... It's like they were designed to go with a couch and some blankets.... Okay, lots of blankets. :D
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