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  • Am okay, doing the usual, working, chillin' at home with the cat. :) Pretty boring, thanks for asking.

    Ok-ish doesn't sound that great. Hope that gets better.
    Good luck with your appointment, hope you find something that works for you.

    I've been up and down as well, and now I'm just in the process of changing Paxil for Effexor, still trying to get through uni, let's see how it goes.

    Take care :)
    Yay we're friends again! :D
    Sorry, I deleted everyone from my friends list, you're the only one who re-added me, and I feel to ashamed to start adding people again. I don't even know why I did it but I feel stupid now...

    Anyway, how are you doing?
    Hey, just wanted to show up here after reading your reply in the thread about private messages. So, It's not a pm, but I liked this option better... Being that I'm just another random SA sufferer. :)
    Hey Simpy! How's it going? Hope you are well or at least getting better!! :) Is the new team approach working well?
    hey simpy, thanks! :)

    and aww, thats fine. lol, not cheated. it's okay, cos we all learn! and u painted well, so heres a sticker..

    I may share my painting someday, i have to dig it out .. its in my shed! but its not that great. Its nice to paint, i did enjoyed it when i did it. :)

    and do share more when u paint more ;)
    Hiya Simpy :) no probs! ~ thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork! it feels calming and gave me a warm energy when i was looking at it! did it came from imagination? or a picture? its really good! ;)

    i used to do watercolouring, and i liked art too! u have potential to sell! :D

    & I been okay, thanks! ~ someday good, someday bad! but i'll survive! theres always spw, to make me feel like im not alone! :p

    and nice to see u here, and i missed talking to u actually! but im happy to hear how u felt better these past week! Only will get better!

    and yeah i thot about what u said about missin my lil pengiun, so i bring it back! :) ... and from the look of things, this lil fella will be havin a long vacation here as my avatar! ; ) Only for u Simpy!
    Fingers crossed that they'll be able to help you out, Simpy. You're making the right steps by seeking support :) I like that you've amended your tagline - shows lots of determination :) x
    Hey Simpy! Thanks for asking :) The interview went well, I had a trial yesterday but won't know until next week. How are you? How was your meeting that you were worried about? x
    Understandable Simpy. That would be enough to drive anyone nuts, but just remember how it won't be forever :) Glad you are feeling better, and thanks again for the wishes :) x
    Thanks, Simpy! How are you today?? Are you feeling better now than you were the other day? x
    Thanks Simpson, im loving it too! :) i enjoy reading your post by the way! you are an interesting person.
    p.s i just noticed u have 07 in ur username, same as me! :)
    I think you belong here, I find you interesting and read your posts; I think your home situation is curious and you're in Devon where my favourite person from here (now gone) lives. Hang around, it takes time.
    Hey Simpsons. I feel the same way. So hard to make friends, no one seems to care much. I don't know, it's pretty rough. I feel ya.
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