Shoulder Pain from being too tense??

Does anyone else get really really tight muscles? Every single time that I go outside or am around people for more than even just a few minutes I really tense up. This results in my shoulders really really hurting by the end of the day and is usually accompanied with a pounding headache. This happens more or less depending on how often I have to actually be around other people, but happens nearly every time I do. It’s really frustrating because I’m not only already mentally exhausted just by briefly interacting with people, but also totally physically exhausted from feeling sick and tired. It just makes me want to hide away from everyone even more. By the end of the day I usually feel terrible and can’t concentrate on anything. I just want the pain to go away.

Now that I started going to school again it’s probably going to happen at least those two days a week. It sometimes happens when I am alone, but not nearly as much as if I have to go outside. I can’t concentrate on anything when my shoulders are extremely tight and in a lot of pain and my head is throbbing. It makes everything all the more frustrating than it already is to begin with. I cannot relax to save my life. I feel like I need to be tranquilized in order to get any sort of relief from this. Does anyone else get this, and is there anything you do that helps at all? I just want some relief.

Sorry this isn’t typed out well, my head hurts…
I don't get that tense very often when I am around people as uncomfortable as I am around strangers and some situations. I will get really stiff sometimes and tighten a lot of my muscles up sometimes though, especially when I am nervous about doing something or in very social situations. I don't usually feel that much pain from it, it does make me very tired and I tend to sweat from it, as well as it just being an uncomfortable position.

A reason why it may never get to the point of hurting though is because I frequently stretch my shoulders and back, because I carried a heavy backpack in school and other things that resulted in my having a not so great back. One type of stretch I will do is simply rolling my shoulders, either clockwise or counterclockwise. I usually hear cracking when I so. Other is I will bend myself backwards so my back is arced, while sitting up. And one other I do frequently is stretch by reaching to the sky as high as I can or by putting them behind my back and reaching up from there, or reaching back, or twisting my torso while they are extended out.

Non-stretching things I'll so, while tensed up, is just breathe, as simple as that sounds. You may not be like me and comfortable stretching (even subtly) in a room of people, so breathing is better for that. Just pay attention to your breathing, deep breaths in and out. And let your shoulders drop completely, even slide down in your chair a little bit if it helps then loosen. Anything you can do to let them down and not stay scrunched up and tight close to your body.

As far as the headache goes, drinking lots of water and eating right, as well as making sure you are sleeping enough are all good things. I am not sure of the side effects of your medications, and if they could be to blame for any of these things as well? If it is all just from the stress, tenseness, and anxiety fixing those things should soothe the pain from them.

This is typed out well for someone without a hurt head also ::p:
That's a very valid reason for SA trouble.

I spent early life suffering migraine at primary school, all through ending school, and finishing my degree exams (being isolated in a separate building at a different time so I couldn't tell peers about exam questions) and ultimately during all my best years in offices. The environment among others compounded my trouble further, with a deep internal confusion and pain which nobody can see. I took time off some days. I was told by girlfriends that I looked like an old man needing a walking stick as I walked.

The best news is that I've been free of migraine for the last year! After 4 of those months in hospital, it seems that phenytoin keeps me clear of migraine! :)

It can be nice to blame the (somewhat physical) symptoms as an excuse, rather than my social behaviour or attitude.

I think my prospects for a decent career are in the past. Being free of pain is a pleasant era.

I found that determination makes some things possible: driving during major migraine sensory interruptions

Good luck
Not shoulder, but I keep getting very tense especially in my face. I guess it builds up, all the negative thoughts and the **** I gather through the day. I realize often in the eveing in bed how tense all my facial muscles are and I can´t relax them. When it is too much I usually burst out crying.


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I get shoulder arm and back pain and also sometimes toothache caused by trigger points which flare up when I'm stressed and it's usually accompanied by a headache, so you're not alone in suffering pain through stress and tension...

Is your pain just caused by tight muscles or are trigger points (knots) also a factor? I've found that identifying the exact trigger points and massaging them helps (agony whilst doing it of course, but it helps afterwards). If it's just general muscle tightness then try stretching exercises and try meditation to help relax after a day which causes it. In the long term you could try forcing yourself to relax your muscles when you're stressed. It's not easy to do that when it's an ingrained habit, however, but it is possible.


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Yes, yes!
Whenever I think I might have to leave the house, anticipate having to leave, or go out for a bit, I get extremely tense-- it's so physically and mentally draining.
I often have muscle pains for days after; sometimes pulled muscles and sleep paralysis.

Most of the pain is in my shoulders, neck and back. I also get sore in my jaw, hands and lower legs.
It's from being so nervous for hours on end/days on end-- it's basically a workout. < just try to think of it like that.

I'm not sure if there's much you can do about it other than taking a mental inventory of how tense you are and where-- and constantly trying to relax those areas, if you can't just calm down naturally in the situation you're in.


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And here I thought I was the only one. Hot, like really hot showers help. And for me the pain got so bad my doctor gave me flexeril. Its a mild a muscle relaxant but it does help. If that isn't an option maybe go to a chiropractor? I hope you feel better.


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Normal for me too. But it sometimes moves into my neck and then I get very bad tension headaches.

And I've now twice in the past two years had an incredibly painful burning feeling across my shoulders from stress, and I really hope it doesn't happen again.


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Big issue for me as well, especially in the evenings after work. I literally have to focus on letting my shoulders relax. Lots of tension related headaches.

Yeah what CR said, moist heat can help, ice if anything feels inflamed. Along with any other methods of relaxation you choose to use.
I've found flexiril (muscle relaxant)helps me, only a doctor could tell you if it's right for you.
i have shoulder pain too. i think any SA person have shoulder pain even if not feel it. i always do breathing method. it heals my shoulder pain.


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I know what you mean except it's also with a pounding heart rate. It's like i feel like i'm gonna pass out sometimes like walking up the steps when people are around. I would first watch your diet, like don't leave the house hungry and exercise before you leave. Also drinking beer in moderation. :p
My shoulders are tense a lot whether I'm around people or not. I think a massage would be really good for it. But it's been a long time since I've had one.

People have told me to calm down before. They were like 'relax your shoulders'. I wasn't even feeling that tense, I guess they are just permanently tensed or something.
I can relate. My shoulders and neck can get extremely sore, tight and very painful. I'm lucky though that it doesn't usually give me headaches. I try meditation/muscle relaxation which really helps, I thought it was just this hippy thing that wouldn't work but it does give me a benefit. Took me awhile to find something that worked for me but I would recommend it.


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Not my shoulders per say, but my neck can sometimes get knots after tension due to my SA. Normally a hot shower and some massaging does the trick, but some times a heatpack is also necessary.