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  • I cant at the minute because I live with my dad and he is disabled and says he just doesn't want one in the house. I will have to wait until I move out. One time when I think I was 15 I decided I was gonna get one even though I wasn't allowed. Me and my friend did try to adopt one, we went to the pound and all but they wouldn't let us because we were under 18 lol
    Hey thanks for being so nice to me yesterday. I appreciate the kind words. :)
    I just really wanted an excuse to tarnish your page with my presence really...
    Hey, if that happens, then you'll at least get your name out there:). Of course, what happens next is all up in the air then::p:.
    No "maybe". You will. Let's see some conviction and determination:D!

    I don't think you're weird:). You're just you and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Sounds like you're on the right track:). But, you can start a rescue of your own. You just need to plan things out. Ask some rescues and see if they can give you any advice on how to start one. But good luck with you and your ventures.

    Inspiring? Um, thank you::eek::. I didn't really think it was much; I just wrote how I felt. But, I'm happy to inspire you.
    How do you plan on getting that change in scenery?

    Oh no, I panic:eek:! At the disco::p:. But, I just stifle it and steamroll through life because my desires and wishes outweigh my fears by a grand margin:).
    How do you want to accomplish your dreams? Or, because I suck at word choice::p:, what's your plan to working to achieve your dreams?

    I've declared my major as Psychology and my minor as Creative Writing.
    Tell your ex he's just sad that he lost a great woman:).

    Hm, are you working to shake your SA off? And my driving is being put on hiatus. I'm in school right now, so I've got to focus on that. Although, I got my driver's permit renewed before I left. This time, I don't plan on joking around. I'll get it; I have no choice but to.
    Who's calling you a "soul sucking she devil"?

    Ah, so what would you like to do with your future? Is there anything you'd like to experience in life? Or is all of that what the crisis is about?
    I'm not a stranger; I'm just Dante, but you can call me "Dante the Demon-Killer":cool:. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think:)?

    What's stressing you out?
    Sleep? You want some? I can give it to you, if you so desire::p:. What's keeping you up?

    I am being put to the test in all of my classes; so fun, you know:rolleyes:.
    You look very beautiful, and have beautiful voice too! I hear your voice on the voice thread.

    ~ Foxface
    Well, you simply go to YouTube, find the video, make sure that your headphones aren't plugged in, and play the video::p:. And you should go make a PB&J sandwich:D! Sate your hunger!
    Why don't you play Peanut Butter Jelly Time in your room and dance to it::p:? That'll bring people into your room and make you social!
    I'm 20 years old.
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