Post a picture of your pet!


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That would be Davida Bowie, to you. ::p:
(Is that the female form of David? Either way, that's actually awful. :|)
I've never heard Davida before, but apparently it was used long time ago. Davina would make more sense now (yeah, I can use Wikipedia :p)


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So many cute pets, as usual. ^-^

My two boys, plus a purple octopus.
^ Adorable! My dog would loooove that purple octopus. All those legs, she'd be throwing it everywhere haha. Last week for her birthday, my mom got her a tree frog stuffed animal toy. She's already ripped out the eyes and pulled out a quarter of the stuffing. :rolleyes:


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I was in the car coming home from school today and had this super cute little pomeranian puppy with me. :D This one was super friendly, loved to give kisses!, and was pretty quiet. My mom had a friend with her who was trying to sell these puppies (she had 3), but had no luck. So note this is not my dog, although I seriously did consider it. I really liked her, she was just really even tempered. I named her CoCo before I gave her back. ::p:

Sucks I couldn't take this puppy home with me. I really do want one when I move out, since I can't really see myself living completely alone. I have school to finish though and a job to get and I need to settle down somewhere. Perhaps next year, we'll see.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. She just wouldn't sit still!


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