pet predilictions

do you prefer

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I have a theory about the likely results of this, given the nature of shy introversion.

Let's see if I'm right.


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See, I've grown up with cats so that has influenced my decision. I wouldn't be against a dog, but I do prefer cats.

I wouldn't mind a pet alligator, however.


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Cats. My cat comes and curls up with me whenever I'm having a bad day or cry. It's like he's psychic of some sort.


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I grew up in a cat-hating family. We always had dogs, ferrets, rabbits, and birds. I thought I hated cats too. When I was 20 my ex surprised me with a tiny tiny kitten. I have been a staunch cat-lover ever since. :D


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I admire most animals but as companions I like cats and dogs the best. Big dogs scare me a little because I have never had one as a pet but overall I like animals a lot.


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Dogs,definitly dogs.I find dogs much more loyal and they love you no matter what.
There is even a joke:
Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk for an hour and after you unlock them see who is happy to see you!::p:

This how my usual greetings are when i come home:
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I put cats but I like both, some dogs are great, it depends on the individual animal. I am afraid of aggresive dogs. I find them very unpredictable and dangerous. Some people can be okay with them but I am not a person who knows how to deal with them.
Also I found if the owner is crazy or weird, their dog is as well.


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Both can be awesome. I think cats would be more appropiate for me, but I could have anything (well, maybe not an alligator).

PS: actually, I would have an alligator just so I can sing "See you later alligator" everytime I go out.

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Gatos all the way. I grew up with them too. Have never had a pet dog and I don't think I would like one, though I like most animals. In the past I have had pet rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles and birds. Right now I have three cats, but they are living at home with my parents; I want to get a little rodent. I am thinking gerbil or fancy rat. A dog would be cool though...'cause walking those things, you get to meet other people. My bf really wants one. Maybe one day!


Both ^^.
Dogs and cats have their greatest attributes.
Also always wanted a parrot. A parrot to talk and be funny, would be great.


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i'm a Leo, so i guess that's why i'm really more of a cat person

that, and the family cats were my best childhood friends - my mother used to leave me alone in their care for extended periods

apparently i now speak fluent cat - even the shyest or most aloof cats will come and greet me when they won't pay the slightest attention to anyone else

good thing i'm only randomly allergic - that way i don't know whether i'll have an allergic reaction until it's too late
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Definitely cats.

I like the deeper bond you can have with a dog, however I could never have one as I can't stand that "dog" smell, it just makes me sick.:confused: