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  • I'm doing well, it's nice to hear from you too. glad you're doing okay. I derped a bit and was like, "is that james? it must be!", but yes my week is going fine.
    Woahhh I only just realised you changed your screename! Hehe. I must be so slow! Thanks for the birthday wishes :) xx
    You're taking a gap year? I took one too! It was a little boring at first, but I quite enjoyed having a break to earn some money before Uni. I'm sure you'll find something good to do :) So, next year you will go to Uni? Excited? My Summer hasn't been great, but I'm feeling a lot better now and have some enjoyable things ahead, including a holiday with a couple of friends - I think I need to make up for having lost most of this Summer to anxiety! Haha. What about you? Happy weekend! x
    Sorry to hear you were feeling down but glad things are on the up! If you need to get anything off your chest, you can send me a PM :) Yeah I was going through a bad phase recently but things are a lot better now, so I'm making the most of it whilst it lasts :D. Good to see you back here! x
    Hello James! Haven't seen you on here as much lately, how is everything? Hope you're still feeling positive positive positive! :-D x
    Yep, do that! hehe, 'wheres pingu' quest.. :D
    and im fine thanks, was sad, then okay, now fine! :)
    im really enjoying the sunshine, its just right!
    Hi James, you have been visited by miss.Pingu ~

    Hey James :) I'm glad you enjoyed Daria! Were you watching the clips on YouTube? Its so funny, she's so cynical! Yeah, there's a boxset of all the episodes but they haven't released it here yet, I really hope they do! I'm ok, had a massive dip in determination but trying to get it back ;-) How are you? x
    am well, thank you for asking.

    glad to hear you are doing good, and nice to see you around. :)
    I just want to say what twiggle have said! :)

    edit - thanks for calling me a positive user aswell! i try to be =) ..Your helping!
    I just wanted to say that I really like your posts and positive attitude to overcoming S.A, its great to have you here on the forum, you give great support! x
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