New msn/email/yahoo topic :D


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If you want my MSN addy then pm me, after what Remus said i took it down from here lol

I'm not on a lot but if anyone wants to chat then feel free to add me :D
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Just reminding everyone, your email addresses can come up on Google searches, so if you want to remain incognito, best give emails by request via Private message


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If you want to add me to your MSN send me a PM and I will give you my email. It would be nice to have new people to talk to, it would be especially good to talk to other females since I mainly have only had male friends my entire life.
I'd add mine too, but unfortunately my MSN account started sending spam E-mails to all my contacts when I go offline. But I'll edit this post and add it if I manege to fix the problem. :3