New msn/email/yahoo topic :D


I thought let's add a new msn/email topic.
Cuz the old one has addresses from years ago,
and maybe those aren't relevant anymore!
And i'd love to meet new people :D
here you can put your email adress, or msn! or yahoo! ;)

my NEW address to chat:
[email protected] MSN
[email protected] YAHOO
Skype: SassyFrazzy92

xxxxx Saskia


Just reminding everyone, your email addresses can come up on Google searches, so if you want to remain incognito, best give emails by request via PM.

The Mod Team
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Yes the old thread is a little old hat and I was thinking of deleting it as most members listed are no longer with us and thier emails will still appear on google searches.

I might suggest on this thread that people can say "feel free to PM me for my email/messenger" as it will stay off google searches that way.


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PM if you want to talk :)
I'm not on very much, but if I am, I'll be glad to chat.
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