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  • Ya man I know. I still check on her occasionally cause theirs some solid advice on this site. Piecing together a life and being able to tell a mask apart from your real face is more difficult then one might think. But I digress. How have you been?
    er im too shy to tell her, for now i think i should focus on improving myself first. i have some plan for the summer like joining the Youth mental healthgroup, and i will also go back my country for one month.
    So how is your last exam? Hope u and your plan goes well
    I guess I will try. Im 18 and if I dont try it now Im afraid I will never get a gf. I think she may like me too, 'cause our eyes meet many times, and sometimes she looks at me. The fact is that she has tried to sit next to me, and want to ask me or sth, but I get so nervous that makes her uncomfortable and I miss the chance :(
    I guess SAD is a chronic and disabling form of SA, its more of a mental illness, and harder to overcome. It critically intervene in every aspect of my life
    Thanks man :) But im not even coaching, just assistant. And all i really do is stand there and give moral support :p Sorry, not quite sure what the difference is between SA and SA disorder. But I know what you mean, its for for me to go clothe shopping and stuff for the same reason, as in afraid of judgment.
    The way i see it, coaching a soccer team and teaching kids are the same. In your case your teaching math, and I would be teaching you could definetely do it.
    I am 17, and guessing by your name, 1 year younger than you (93).
    U r cool man, coaching a soccer team. I can never do that. U seem to only have SA, and I have SA disorder. And thats my problem. Its really hard for me to work with people because Im afraid of judgement. If I stand in front of a soccer team, I am likely to get panic. Thats the reason why I have to teach kids, because they do not judge me. Even when I sell food, I choose to sell for physically disabled people, because they are not as judgmental as the others. BTW, how old r u :)
    yeah my school does require that, but only 30 hours. 250+ is many, i dont think I can do many like that. I just hope I can do a little bit over than 30, because it really takes me much courage to go for volunteer because of my problem. So what u do for volunteer? I have done only 2 things: sell food and teach kids
    To sum it up (from 3 movies with Broly in them) Broly was born with a power level of 1,000, where as goku was born with a power level of 1, and basically broly was put in a pod next to goku and goku always cried so Broly hates Goku... whatever anyway the point is that Broly is the legendary super saiyan and the 1st movie was good but by the third it was just incoherent. Anyway google Broly and youll get a better idea
    Hell yeah!!! that like shook me to the core when gohan did that, I know of one DBZ fan, I look at this pic whenever I'm sad:
    hi aglife, im doing pretty good i guess. i just went back home from volunteer today. i taught some kids math :D. And what about u?
    Hell yeah! especially in the incredibly epic moment when goku appears behind him for the final kamehameha!!!! I'm so happy to have another dbz fan in my life hahaha
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what else to say, BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!!
    HI! I'm not much of a football enthusiast, but I'm looking foward to it, big event! Although Ronaldo doesn't do much for the National Team lol, he's "better" at foreign football leagues.
    Were are you from?
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