New msn/email/yahoo topic :D

My Skype & MSN (please ignore my ridiculous @hotmail account... first email I ever made...) user names are listed on my profile. Anybody with HH, disordered eating habits, or general social anxiety issues who wants to add me, feel free.


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If anybody would like to exchange msn/email/yahoo addresses then feel free to PM me. I'd put mine up here but I'd rather not have some spam-bot come along, scoop up my address and proceed to bombard my Hotmail account with 50+ emails a day professing the wonders and miracles of penis enlargement. Or something.


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myownspace at hotmail dot co dot uk.

I'm on there pretty erratically lol, but feel free to add me anyway.

If anybody does add me can they put SPW or something in the message... I get a lot of spam bots trying to add me:rolleyes:
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I'm not sure if anyone would even want to talk to me, but if you do I'm a great listener/responder. Does anyone even msg anyone out of the blue these days to actually have a convo or make a friend? I can only wish..

My aim is Pteropoda.
My yahoo is [email protected]
I have windows live, but please pm for my sn.
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