mildly guilty confessions thread.

I had sexual relations with a guy this weekend and didn't ask if he has an STD... now I have to backtrack and do that and I really don't want to.
But if they did, then as a responsible person they would have told you or used a condom anyway - so asking them in retrospect, you would likely get a lie as a response, or am I missing something here :question:
Yeah that's true... but if he's positive there's nothing I can do now anyway so I'm not in any huge rush. I'm still gonna talk to him about it. If I get some rash or something I'll be running to the doctor though for sure. Not having insurance makes that difficult, I'll have to go like 25 miles downtown to the free testing place and I don't have a car so that's not easy.
They stopped allowing us to have free cookies at work with our lunch because someone was taking a lot, but one of my supervisors still lets me have them for free - and I often take them without asking.

*shrug* I feel no guilt whatsoever


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For some reason the tree in our yard is the only one on the block shedding leaves, and I secretly laugh in my head like a James Bond villain when they blow into everyone else's manicured yard.

Do I win the lamest mildest confession award yet? I get a certificate and everything, right?


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When given the option to cover an Ad on a webpage, and asked why, I always choose "it's offensive" because I find all ads offensive. My hope is everyone will do this and one day we will have an AD-Free world.