mildly guilty confessions thread.


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For some reason the tree in our yard is the only one on the block shedding leaves, and I secretly laugh in my head like a James Bond villain when they blow into everyone else's manicured yard.

Do I win the lamest mildest confession award yet? I get a certificate and everything, right?

When I brush my golden outside I find it hilarious if the wind picks up the mass amts of hair tumbleweeds and off they go :bigsmile:


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Yesterday at work, a social event which I agreed to attend weeks ago was scheduled to happen after hours. As per the norm, I was dreading it now that the day had arrived. Then my co-worker (who the event was in honor of) told me they were most likely going to cancel it in favor of a later date. I love it when this happens, it made my entire day! Then just before it was time for me to leave work, I hear the same co-worker speaking to another as if they were thinking of changing their minds and having the event anyway. I got out of there without speaking to anyone and went home. I hope it really was canceled but if not, I plan to tell everyone my co-worker told me it had been canceled and that's why I went home without attending.
Probably the pettiest thing I've ever done:

When Craigslist first became popular, I was also selling stuff on Ebay pretty regularly. I decided to try my hand on CL but didn't know you were only supposed to sell locally on there. When I offered to ship a guitar to a prospective buyer, he asked where I lived then got extremely rude when he found out I was thousands of miles away from him. He reported me to CL and had them delete my listing (no matter how many times I tried to re-list, my items would get deleted almost immediately and I assumed he was watching and reporting me each time). Unfortunately for him, he used his work email to communicate with me which included his work address. I was so angry that I had a bunch of porn material mailed to his job in his name. I remember having a bunch of bad luck not long after and assumed karma had bitten me in the arse for doing that. I hope I didn't get him in trouble even though he was a real jerk about letting me know I wasn't supposed to be selling from a different state.