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  • Wauw! That's a great improvement. I'm so happy for you! Is it a nice job? Do you feel good there? Good to hear mate .
    Hii Recluse. How are you doing? I could've always related to your posts. Greetz.
    Wheelspin is almost unavoidable in small british roadsters due to the fact that they rarely have four wheel drive or traction control.

    Impressive 0-60 stats nevertheless. :) That's quicker than the 2012 911 Carrera
    So I'm guessing -800kg and under 20mpg?

    I can't imagine a better place for it than northern Wales.

    The weather's really turned the last few days. If you don't get it out the next time it's sunny, you'll of missed your opportunity for this year. Have you ever done a track day?
    Dude that's an awesome signature, I couldn't stop laughing! I love Arnold's one liners, I'm renown for busting them out when I'm drunk! My name is Philip and my nickname used to be 'lip-shanegger'. This is my first and maybe only forum I've joined, I'm still yet to create a signature and thanks for the inspiration!
    I did notice that! I googled it just now and read a little about the entomology...perhaps originally from a word referring to "tribe." Interesting. I didn't hear any Welsh when I was there but I loved that the signs had both English and Welsh. Do you speak Welsh?
    Yes, I noticed about the north/south inaccessibility when scoping out the train situation. I love all the funny names of towns, which I cannot think how to pronounce in the slightest.
    We were just in Holyhead for the day. I'd like to go back someday and see Cardiff and the countryside.
    I went on a cruise this year that stopped in Holyhead. We took the train to Conwy and went to the castle. Loads of fun. Lovely country.
    Hey, your inbox is full so i can't send you a message. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to listen to me. I don't know if i'll be back on here, i'm just sick of these forums and everything else.

    Forget what the girl at college said all those years ago. She obviously wasn't a nice person so she would have said things like that to other people.

    I sometimes feel I don't want to date because i'm scared of getting hurt.
    Maybe even earlier. You know, if anybody would be strong, if he would improve, it would be you recluse, because you have a very severe sa... and of course others do too, but i dont know, your posts just show a lot of struggle, and thats why i would compliment you, with every single step you make in life, please be proud of yourself, i dont know why i came on this idea, but i just read one of your posts and i thought lets just say something nice to this guy. So, yeah, i guess thats okay.

    Yo Recluse,

    I've been following your posts since a big time. I would like to know how you're doing now. It's very unique that we have both a very severe social anxiety lifestyle. I can see from your post you have been struggling very very much, and lets just say, i was isolated for 3,5 years, but now got back into college, though i still struggle at college. but ehh, let's not get too much into the negative parts, I just want to ask you, what has been going better for you, if you have improved over the years, from 2004 until now on SPW. You are a true member here, I'm as well, I was here around 2008 I think.

    ((Will be continued))
    Hi recluse, thank you for your message. How are you? I tried sending you a pm but it says your inbox is full.
    Hello, thanks for the comment about my avatar. I can sympathize with Billy Bibbit in the image. I hope your day is going well :)
    Hey there! How are you doing lately??? I thought maybe I'd just stop by to see if you've been around here much. I hoped that the things I suggested in my comment response to your thread gave you a little bit of inspiration or motivation. Sometimes the things that you learn about from people have an effect even in the slightest degree just because I believe in it. And I believe there's always hope for every person who's been in the mud for so long to still find a way to get out. Take care :)
    I'm sad to hear you're not happy with yourself... But I'm telling you I was being 100% sincere with what I told you. I understand you though, for me it's also hard to believe compliments because of my low self-esteem I guess... Anyways I wish you well, recluse :)
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