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  • yer, i ll be going to it (unless i chicken out, lol) , should be interesting. theres quiet a few ppl on about goin to it. is there any date set ??
    yea its going to be a big change when your finished. I hope something works out for you ,I can't imagine what i'm going to do when i'm finished college either hope things will be different then.

    Yea it will be good to get back again but now that i've being out for a year it feels like i'm starting for the first time again:eek:.

    I haven't gone back on any medication the ones i was taking i was on so long that they probably weren't having an affect and he will probably put me on the same ones again. They were just anti-depressants which never helped me that much. I asked him before about meds for anxiety but he just said counseling will help with that something like that so he wouldn't put me on them. I was given a weeks worth of xanax during the exams last year by the doctors at the college it wasn't long enough to know if it helped. I would prefer to go ones for that but i hate going back to the doctor
    Hiya i'm alright just being studying for exams and I've being getting grinds for it. Yea i got the reg sorted they reduced it to E800 on medical ground it took ages though. I found them so disorganized too

    wow 40 minutes speaking in from of a whole class:eek: i wouldn't last 5 seconds must feel really good to do that! and good luck with your exams! i'm sure you will do fine:)

    o i don't know about the meet up i think i won't be able to do it ::(: i am bad at the moment being at home not having any contact other than family is bringing back my old habits again. I might change my mind at the last minute but i really doubt it i think i would end up having a panic attack if i even made it there::(:
    yer im doing good, cant complain, lol. hows u ? are u goin to that meet up in galway ??
    I'd like to thank you, some of your posts, although not directly to myself, have helped so much.
    hey i'm doin alright thx just its not good for me staying at home doing nothing, still tying to get my concentration back and get some study done for the repeats haven't done anything much for a month. i am starting applied maths grinds on Friday though so i should be sorted. I found out i have to pay the full registration fee to repeat with i didn't realize, it doesn't seem really fair but i think i can appeal to bring it down a bit because i wouldn't be able to afford it right now. can't wait to get back though

    I don't rem if i asked but is this your first time on medication? I'm actually on none at the moment i stopped taking the anti-depressants, i think anxiety meds would be alot more helpful because that is the cause of the depression but i've never really like going to my g.p at home.

    only 6 weeks of college left? how are you feeling about finishing up?? Hope your exams go great!!:)
    I hope you know I wanted to be there today :(
    Properly confused you with the text but the only buses after the one I missed was at 13:10. Be in galway for 3.30 and the last bus is at 4:20ish. I'm kinda glad I phoned them up as the website says the last bus is at 18:30. Lassie on the phone knew nothing about this and I was tempted just to go.

    I feel like I really ****** up, but atleast their was no anxiety/ self dissapointment. I really wanted to be there!!!
    at the moment im in nui doin the access course doin legal studies philosophy sociology and history in it so i hope to start my arts degree nxt year.i looked horrible wen i fell cus i slipped everytime i tryed to stand so i slid on the ground over to some grass lol.what do you do in college.do you know if the counsellors in nui are anygud iv been meaning to go and check it out.i got into an anxiety management group that starts the end of this month so fingers crossed it might give me a a small improvement
    that is good advice im going to ask about that.ya i dnt mind that its not on 2moro cus the weather is awful iv slipped twice already : ) i live in newcastle anyways so wenever the meeting is on it will only take me ten mins to get there.the hardest part of college for me is that every1 in the class gets on socially like goin drinkin 2gether except for me and stuff and i barely talk to them wen were in class because of sa.i still have sum of my own friends tho so thats a gud thing but i still get anxious round alot of people that i know well.by the way i seen a thread you did about sum guy freakin out at you,what an ******* he had no right to say them things to anyone
    hey darling, Saturday would properly be better for me. Although I'd try sort something out if it had to be on a friday.
    Hope your well and your exams are over now. Enjoy your Christmas :)
    The Navy was a weird exerience all I did was paint our ship and chip rust and things like that, nothing major. I was a Pee On lmao.
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