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  • Sorry to hear it. I heard one guy got checked aff eh mods fur posting a pic of his arse. Unfortunately there are crappy people everywhere simply cause the human race is crap. Which thread are you referring to?
    hey you ok lol just read your post ... we all care lol hey were all fed up ... say hi gazza ;)
    hey dawl, whit is yer real name by the way? i need a wee striking partner! ken whit a mean!
    Hey Lycra... I hope you are feeling better! Glad to see you are back here! Have a great day / evening! [IMG]
    Well, then... I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better today! I hope it continues that way as well... So what do you plan on doing today? Since it's the weekend, do you have any plans? School is just around the corner, if not already. Are you a senior in high school, or have you graduated yet? Are you starting college? Do you plan on going to college? If so, what do you plan on studying? I'm going to be a nurse at the ripe old age of 41... I was an electronic tech, but since there are not any jobs for what I was trained to do. I am forced to switch careers. Have a great day sweety! Take care, Curt
    oo cool best of luck with it!!! what course are going to be doing? i start bak in about 2 weeks as well. i know sa makes college very difficult but if you hang in there its really worth it!!
    thx u... i finished them a week ago and i think i did good. fingers crossed!! get my results 8 sept. how's you? are you going to be going to school in sept?
    awrite miss lycrapanties! how ye daen, a hope yer fine n that :)
    ps, what buttons dae ye press to make the wee green happy smile thingy?
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