How are you feeling?


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I can't separate the idea of sex and love, so I can't have flings without getting attached (I never went in that direction and hope I don't)

but 3 months of singleness and im starting to go crazy

Single, entire existence. Was fine until something. I don't like it in my mind. It's empty then full of chaos. Repeat. Said it once, will say it again, I want out.


Stiff pain. Physiotherapist said not to do stuff. Well... I did that stuff. Felt okay pushing that weight up there. Then I was done. Now it hurts again.

I may will be stubborn to the end. Where are those instant heal-me gadgets? Hate waiting, want to get working.


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Yeah it really sucks. Never been in a relationship actually. Just had a lame one night stand when I was 18. The only thing worse than being awkward, is having awkward sex. Bad eye contact + sex = lame. xD
i suffer the same problem

luckily my last girl was understanding and patient and it eventually went away

it seems the lads of spw are extremely high strung
Feeling fine. Just went out a bit and realized that I get a lot of attention from females. Perhaps I'm not that ugly afterall? I love realizations like these - because you can't just stop your subconscious from absorbing such a realization. Hopefully this will do me some good (at least now I feel I am at least "okay":))

Hope you're all feeling fine too! ;)
Feeling nervous to an extend that it makes me feel sick. Cold shivers running down my spine and all that. Could be the cold that's been going around, though.. I feel like crap today. >,>