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  • oops, did i never reply to you. well, you are probably gone now :( but if you ever pop into spw to say hi i will very likely still be here.
    Hey Merry Christmas Forgotten! Hope your new year is filled with better anime dubs ::p::D
    Ah~ haha I see what you mean... Though the American version are always like that sadly...

    Ah yes you definitely should see Howl's ;) rather read the book!
    I never been a fan of comedy really, it's really hard to get me interested and I guess it depends on my mood too. I have been wanting to watch Avenue Q, but in England they have (temporarily I think) stopped it, so I've only seen what's on YouTube. My favourite song would have to be 'If you were Gay'.

    Ooo I can't remember the English theme song on Ponyo, although I did watch the English ver I found the voice acting really good on that.. I didn't think it was that bad. I didn't quite like Spirited Away, the story didn't appeal to me. Princess Mononoke was good, but never been a big fan of weird creatures (princess mononoke was too much xD). I think my most fave would have to be Howl's Moving Castle, I absolutely love the story and I also love Whisper of the Hearts.
    I thought pixar and dreamworks are the same thing... They look the same lol. Nice! Which is your fave Ghibli show?
    I haven't seen Kung Fu Panda... But I love Madagascar! Never been a big fan of Dreamworks, I prefer Studio Ghibli!
    I am sooooo confused lol. I think he suggested it was a good review, a fantastic one in fact, however I am going to watch the movie online myself and see...
    lol no, google image search, so who knows. yeahhh i forgot about squirtle... soooo cutteee! haha
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