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  • 420Chan? I've heard of it. I go on 4chan though. The only board I'm a regular on is /vp/ though. Used to go on /b/ but I realized how ridiculous it is. It's not even entertaining to me any more.
    Yeah, me too. I'm glad you feel better. And I'm, you know, could be better but I'm not complaining...
    Yeah, I understand.. Can you find any support for the gradual detox?
    I think you're very BRAVE for doing this!! :) Your health will thank you!!
    Hey ilmatross!! Sorry to hear you've been feeling bad - if you're trying to go drug-free, troubles are bound to be expected!! You used all those chemicals before to 'cover things up', now you both have the previous stuff to deal with and the withdrawal symptoms - be brave!! Are you trying to go 'cold turkey' or just slowly decreasing amounts? There are guides for withdrawal from certain meds online, not sure if for your painkillers too.. Maybe you can check? (There are some really good guides and info too..) Can you get support in RL or at least on any specific sites or forums?
    Hey ilmatross! Yeah, nutrition in general can be very helpful.. Personally I know that I was very happy when I read/heard that it helps with my specific problems too, and how.. Which things might be important, because nutrition can be very individual, some can feel great being veg*an, some not. Maybe you can just start with that book or one of the sites, and go from there.. :)
    Hi! Sorry if I overwhelmed you with the info.. Take your time to wade through it and find stuff that works.. It took a few years for my Dad to learn things, he just continued to learn... Take it as a hobby of sorts! :) (He was almost completely on his own and only ever finished primary school, so if you can get any expert help it's bound to go quicker!)
    Yeah I did it for BC and Wrath of the Lich King...probably for Cataclysm too my household is a WoW household. Tho I cheat and play LotRO on the side. :P
    Don't hesitate to correct me. I can be wrong in many things. Cannot be corrected if not opposed. Even when I say I am what I am, maybe I am wrong.

    Right, that's it, I've had enough. Too many thoughts in my mind.
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