How are you feeling?


Hie yer hence from me heath!
Pretty pissed off that, today, my oldest sister seems to acknowledge that everything going to shit for our family 4 years ago broke her and our mum. As if it didnae affect me at all. :mad:

No, no, I was just the poor [email protected]$%@×* who had to overhear and deal with the aftermath of argument after argument. Getting told to fuck off by my older sister whenever I tried to stick up for our mother when she was getting shouted at.

As well as being the only yin who had a pragmatic - is that the word I'm looking for? :unsure: - outlook on the whole situation. As far as: "Aye, it's all gone to $h!#£, but let just adapt, get on with it. Rather than sitting around wallowing in misery". But, no, that made me an inconsiderate arsehole. Because certainly members of my family would much rather fixate on the negative and go on about how difficult things are for them. :mad: Sod the rest o' us.


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As a kid, I use to have major temper tantrums and was quite "famous" within the family for my anger which erupted at the smallest of things.

As my teenager years developed, I think that changed. My anger eroded and I started to bottle things up. Even if I was mad, I would bottle it up and become angry internally thus changing to becoming uncommunicative and moody and distant. That's where I am now.

Sometimes I wish I would explode in a rage to do something but getting angry or letting it boil inside, both are as bad as each other.

Talking to resolve a situation with my wife just is not easy. I don't think there is anyone I could really turn to for help. So this moodiness continues until she does something I guess because I can't do anything to change the atmosphere.


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Like shit. I'm finding myself actually regretting some life choices and wondering what to do or how to change. I feel so lost anymore and for someone who used to be so sure about everything, it just fucking sucks and it's scary and I hate it.

I cannot deal with this job anymore and it's only been a little less than 6 months. I feel like a slave that is just constantly making mistakes or is just not good enough. Have a 4 year degree for what?? To only make $13.50/hour??? This is fucking stupid and I don't know how to achieve better without having to go back to the hellhole that is public education and pay out the ass all over again.