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@ Phoenix, That is not really fair of your instructor to do that. Did they give you a valid reason for bringing such a huge task forward by a week!?
The original plan was to have students pick their Tuesday to present. We had 3 Tuesdays to choose from: 4/30, 5/7, and 5/14. I had talked to my instructor in her office hours ahead of time stating that I wanted to present on 5/7. A lot of people did not want to present on 4/30, including me obviously, but a few students had to regardless, as we only have so much class time for people to present. My instructor got frustrated with people complaining I think and she said she'd randomly pick names and assign them the dates. Guess she didn't care about my request and put me for that day anyways. :rolleyes:

Given my busy schedule I only have today, tomorrow, and Monday to put this presentation together, plus make a couple ever so minor corrections to my thesis paper. But I'm now trying to see the silver lining. By the end of next Tuesday I'll be free from nearly all schoolwork FOREVER!