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Well I did boxing,while I liked,I like my brain cells more so I stopped,also another problem is that it would take me some time to get going,because I dont have the will to hurt someone,so they would have to hurt me first,but I love to watch mma,boxing and kickboxing,also like weightlifting,watching videos,but I rarely have the energy to do it anymore,also like checkers.


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I like to pose and strut along the street whilst wearing my high heels.
I like to force people to bow down to me.
I make people tell me that I'm very beautiful.
I love glaring at myself in the mirror.
I spend a lot of time online, daydreaming, or listening to music. I am on a quest to understand myself and things like psychology, some particular spiritual teachings really interests me, and contemplation really get me going. I like reading, though I do not do it nearly enough -- I like buying books as well. I concentrate on my appearance through beauty, fashion, weight loss. I like making collages and writing horrible angst-ridden teen poetry (occasionally). If it's cold I like to be outside and when I do leave the house willing it is for some arts and culture event. I like home design and decoration.
i love to sing, write lyrics, play guitar, travel and wakeboarding,surfing,snowboarding..etc and i love dancing

i like to go to restaurants, watch a lot of movie marathons and i like psychology.

and i love to walk with dogs, but my dog just died so i really miss her and i want some dog again so i can walk every day and run with my friend.


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Does looking for hobbies count as a hobby?
I seriously hope so. That would give me at least 1 thing to put on my CV :D

Sorry for your loss Falkor. I've got 4 dogs and have lost 2 in the past. They really do become part of the family and a friend. Much nicer than coming home to an empty kitchen, that's for sure.
Hiking, computer repair technician, video games, swimming(I can't swim but I like to try) and singing to myself. lol

I like to listen to jazz music.

I like using my old solder kit and taking apart electronics not sure what you would call that.

I'm learning to play piano and program in java.

Does looking for friends count as a hobby? I have 4 friends I seldom talk to. :(


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I used to have a lot of hobbies like.. Reading, Writing, Drawing, Anime. But lately I've just been like Bla.. I still watch and read anime but that's really about it. I think I'm going to try and get back into reading.