~Anime & Old School Cartoons
~Watching Horror Movies And other type of Movies
~Listening To Music
~Coloring with Colored Pencils
~Abstract Art with Pastels
~Arts & Crafts
~Bike riding
~Going to the Beach


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My hobbies are:
~ Listening To Music
~Going To Live Gigs
~Candle Making
~Writing Songs/Poetry
~Collecting Vinyl

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My hobbies/interests in no particular order:

- Traveling & siteseeing
- Photography, photo editing and modeling
- Writing
- Reading
- Drawing
- Watching movies
- Listening to music
- Playing games
- Hiking
- Girly things like: applying makeup, doing hair and shopping :)

I wish I could share some of my hobbies with people who had the same interests. Anyone else find it hard to meet like-minded people in real life?


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taking walks, riding bike, listening to music, watching a 4dx movie, doing relaxation exercises
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My main hobby is video games, big surprise, but I have found a new one - catching moles, I have caught 6 so far this year, I feel sorry for them, but what can u do - they are big pain in the a