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  • hey dear..i create da new account at SAS but same thing happened after 15 minutes..i think i should switch with google chrome..
    bannned??? ...i havent done anything offensive...even didnt sign in for 5 days before this stuff happened to me.
    hmm..yeah i will check it out right now

    nope..i can only sign in but cant write anything to anybody..nor reply any thread either....
    Hey sorry for late response..i was seraching for my Indian friend here...
    nice to meet u n thanks for suggesting this site..its my second home as weell from now..i feel really comfortable with u guys..n thanks for the addd too
    Hey terence low..i joined today...

    Raj from India..facebook do u remmeber


    I can post here...hey whats up
    Hi Ashiene, howdy?

    Thanks for the wall post. How are you doing today?
    About my other account ''Skatergirl'' It's an old account that I deactived, I was around 16 back then, I'm 20 years now. Haha, yeah I've been here a long LONG time. I guess you too then? I just didn't wanna use the account any longer, I thought of saying bye to SPW back then for a while. But later on wanted to create a new account, so that's how it went. SPW has always been a good surf on the web.

    Yeah, I still have a youtube account, that's right :) You remember a lot ;)

    Have you been here for so long on this account? :) and did you learn from SPW through all these years, or had any support by it?

    Well, talk to you laterz.

    Thank you Ashiene, it does feel like my real family. I never feel so much accepted without being judged anywhere else as I do here. I can be myself with all of you without feeling guily for being 'too weak' or 'too stupid'. Everyone here including you, is so awesome. :)
    Hey thanks for the friend request, my first one haha, lame! Haven't posted here for awhile.. hope your life is going alright!
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