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My hobbies include: Sitting around worrying about things and being paranoid.

I also enjoy writing, travelling, and eating out.
never admitted this online before...model rockets! lulz make fun of me all you want...i've been refining for years and am approaching the edge of space!!! :cool:


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Watching Movies
Reading Manga
Watercolour paintings
Reading up on MBTI
Taking photographs~ especially with film cameras.
Playing the keyboard
Playing on my iPhone Apps
Walking around outside xD


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Wargaming, Building scale models, Airsoft, Geocaching, Roleplaying games, Boardgames, Consol and computer gaming, Whiskey


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I don't think playing games,watching Tv-shows/movies etc are hobbies but more like time killing activities.So I don't have any real hobbies but I used to have some when I was younger: I used to collect coins (old,new,rare,special edition coins etc) and I used to memorize useless things for example I managed to memorize all the capital cities of all the countries in the world(I still remember some but without anymore practice I started to forget).


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Football, watching movies that fascinate me, and discover new music, sometimes reading, tho not very often. i wish i had more hobbies lol


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I'm a vinyl collector.
I also like to make old electronic music
I also like synthesizers, I just bought a Korg MS2000 2 days ago.
Man! I'm jealous! I've always wanted to delve into hardware stuff, but unfortunately it's just too darn expensive for me. I'm okay with it though, I really like soft synths...

I enjoy painting (digital) and drawing, I play guitar,piano,drums terribly (well actually I'll play anything if you give me a few days) but I mostly make electronic music. Maybe when it actually sounds good I'll be willing to post some on here! lol (

i.e. I'll never be able to post it on here)