Have you ever won anything?


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Contests? Lottery? Sweepstakes?

I haven't. Nothing significant anyway. (btw, I am NOT knocking on wood right now)


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At a christmas party they had door prizes.

I was sitting on the inside of a bench, and my grandma was sitting on the outside. Well while they were calling numbers my grandma bent over to get something out of her purse. As this happened they called my number!!!!!! I got so excited that I just glanced over, and did not see my grandma. So I jumped out of the booth, knocking my grandma to the ground!!!!

Then everyone started at me like I was a horrible person.

I fail at winning : (

EDIT: all I won is a candle holder by the way
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I've never won any sweepstakes nor contests, no.

I have won on a few scratch-off lottery tickets, if they count. ::p: And I did win a couple scholarships this year.


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I once won a t-shirt and a CD on my birthday. It was on a competition on a live television show where you could call in if it was your birthday and they would draw the winner. I was really embarrassed when I heard them say my name on the TV.


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I´ve won a cd, a ticket to a movietheatre, a dvd, a backpack with candy, a cheese slicer, a pizza .... All this was won in a period of 2 years. Since then, I haven´t won anything. It´s a mystery .

One time I won one of those things where you guess the correct amount of candy in a jar. They called me a few days later and said I was the only person who ever got the exact number. I wasn't really expecting it. I think I got like 100 dollars. The only other thing I've won is free lip gloss.
No, I have never won anything.
I did find a $5 dollar note on the footpath while walking one day though! That was exciting!:D


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Sometimes I use to get things that were next to the thing I wanted in those claw machines. Other than that nope can't say I have.


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Now I am the queen of the claw machines. I win something almost every time.
^ Me too! I totally forgot about that little "talent" I have. ::p: The last time I played (Which was a year ago) I only spent a dollar and won a cute little domo plushie for my cousin.

I'd say it's more of a wasted talent now since where I live there's never any of those claw machines. I only get to play them when I go to NJ and I'm at the arcades on the boardwalk.


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I've only even one something once and that was £2000 (British pounds) on the lottery about 5 years ago. But the money didn't last long I went on a bender with the money which didn't even last 3 months. Looking back now I wish I never spent it all on drink! I won it at the worst possible time back when I was a drunk.


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I won this in a drawing:

anything else I've ever won was through my own skills, hard work or ability and not by luck
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I've won very small prizes in lottery games, but that probably doesn't count because I would have spent a lot more than I have won.

Many many years ago, I won a ticket to see some car racing event that was on. That has been my only significant win of my life.

Quiet Angel

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I must be lady luck's worst enemy. :p
Losing is just... inevitable. *LOL*

It's still fun to participate in games, though.


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WOW, MidnightStar and other win-masters! /bows in admiration/

I won a cute little glass as a kiddie (very pretty!!), AC DC CD (hated it! and gave it to my sis, she won tickets for Kelly Family though lol gawd I'm old! ::p: haha), got a few concert tickets (and didn't dare to go alone lol it was 'last minute' so everyone was busy huh??) and a meal for 2, hmm not sure if there was anything else....

won a few thingies on art and writing contests/for stories, poems or articles as a kiddie (pretty pencil case, coloring books, watercolors :))

yeah had a scholarship too, didn't consider it as 'winning' actually, just got it lol...

oh, and a trip to Greece, actually it looked more like a marketing scheme, it was still a bit pricey, so we didn't go...

haven't entered anything recently, hmm...? /strokes chin lol/

a friend's bf is way more lucky though, he's won a trip to Mexico and such!


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I haven't won a single thing that I didn't work hard for.

I won several track and field trophies when I was young. I won some awards in school for ________ excellence. I won... a free coffee on roll up the rim to win; but everyone does. haha

Other than those things, no.