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  • Sorryy I just read an email saying that you tried to send me a PM but my inbox was full T_T

    Anyway, hope you're enjoying these holidays. Merry Christmas! :)
    Hey, just a little clarification, it has been 17 years since what I told you, but I'm 22 years old. :)
    How are you?, i want to think the butcher's knife says nothing about you, except maybe about excellent cooking skills? ::p:

    This afternoon is so quiet and peaceful i dread the gods will take that away from me in the coming days, hehe
    Wait, Dexter was adopted so Deb isn't DeeDee, DeeDee must still be out there killing like Dex's brother was :O
    I guess so, her interest in the color pink seems to have dwindled over time :p
    Thanks btw. I forgot to say that in the thread
    I know!!!! I am watching Breaking Bad right now. You should check it out. It will make a good Dexter Patch!!!
    Kickboxing will be awesome for you.
    Martial arts schools suck two out of three times anyway. You will get in shape, if you stick with it. Not that you aren't in shape now. But it will be good for you. I miss talking to you. It's too bad we aren't on at the same time ever. Love your new avatar!!!!
    Why do i sleep so little, should i go to the doctor, even if i don't feel bad or tired?. Is this an age thing? :p, you messed it up you should know.
    Okay, go to bed now...
    I demand payback, or some kind of compensation, and i realized sleep cannot be accumulated!, this is outrageous :p
    Hi Magic!, just wanted to remind you of your awesomeness in case you forgot. Hope you do great in all, and see you in the mountains ;).
    PS: i want my sleep back!
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