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  • hello..just wanted to let you know the transaction i speak of did not happen overnight,,,it was a goal i set for find a place where i could feel real peace at..some i knew wanted to what to me looked like a waste of time,money and energy partying..i wanted to find a place,,a sanctuary..they thought i was odd not wanting the party and getting wasted thing,,...i on the other hand knew what i wanted and needed for my own sanity..hope this makes a little sense.and i am not sure if this is a pm or not.
    How come your name never shows up on the MM list? I'm trying to find chat buddies.
    Re thread: Need to get it out

    'I've been told that I have a lot of nervous energy. This means that I generally approach most things with a bit or a lot of nerves. You may be transmitting an energy that people don't feel comfortable around. However there are various forms of energy healing that you can get if this is your problem.'

    Hi! I am intrigued by your post here about energy affecting the way people interact with you. You also seem to be into New Age thinking from looking at your posts. I am very interested in your way of looking at shyness. Did you find ways to improve your energy? Could you tell me how and who provides this service or help?

    Thanks, and please excuse such a verbose greeting lol.
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