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  • Hey there! I read the What book are you currently reading? thread, and I saw that you're also reading A Clash of Kings!
    Yay! Ellie Goulding is great! Or at least I was hooked the very first time I heard Lights. I'll add you on Goodreads as soon as I get back onto my real Facebook again.

    Update: Friend request sent!
    Thank you, Lady Super:blushing:. Pero, yo soy Capitan Impatient:giggle:. I sometimes have the (in)ability to wait for something, such as now with this job::p:. But I appreciate your high belief in me and hope that your interview goes well:).

    Ah, how is it in North Carolina?
    How was the trip and good luck with the interview:)!

    I've been going through college. I'd really like to get a job, so I can have some spending money of my own, but it seems as though I'm not interesting enough::p:. So, in the meantime, I'm going to try to get some of my writing published:).
    Good day to you, Lady Super:). I haven't conversated with you in a long time, so I send greetings and inquiries as to your current status with this message:D.
    I just read "The Crocodile" review and I loved it. I don't agree with some of her points either, but they are pretty funny. I loved the Captain Hook/Jared Leto catch. They do look a bit similar. (Me gusta ;)) Absolutely love the captioned photos though. Those probably made me laugh the most. XD
    I have only just seen your post about getting a job - CONGRATULATIONS SUFLU!! Walgreens is one of my favourite U.S shops... great sweets... or "candy" as you guys would call it I guess :p xx
    I heard you like icicles…what about brinicles? (underwater icicles)

    Brinicle, Underwater Icicle "Finger of Death" - YouTube
    Yeah I just realized that today. So far I've watched 4 episodes. I'm pretty hooked already, although still slightly confused.
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