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  • Nice avatar. I've barely even played a demo of Final Fantasy, but I'm sure that won't hurt the aquaintance?
    Yes you are right sadly it is about lightning, no idea why they like her so much. I did buy FF XIII-2 and it was decent, much better than XIII, nothing special though.
    I agree with you, it look fantastic. Although I didn't like FF XIII, FF XIII-2 was ok, nothing special though. August 31 through september 2 square is gonna have an exposition showcasing the future of the final fantasy series. rumours say it's FF XIII-3, I hope they show versus XIII and maybe final fantasy XV
    I believe its some kind of webcomic from this artist. :)

    MACHINE STORY by HamletMachine on deviantART
    hello there other FF fan. I have to admit it's getting hard to call myself a FF fans with all the recent crap square as been giving us :(
    Ah yes, you're right, it's for the PSP. In this case, perhaps it's taking longer to announce a North American release because they wanna make it Vita-compatible? Or perhaps they will make it a download-only game, saving the trouble of making it compatible.

    They need to stop milking FFXIII, it's getting stupid.
    Yeah, the E3 is not what it used to be. I like the Tokyo Game Show a lot more, but that might be because Japanese games tend to interest me more.
    Ah right, I usually follow it, not live though, I just check out a lot of trailers, but I didn't do it this year.
    I didn't know the new Metal Gear game was getting some hate. I don't follow what gamers say that much online, most of them tend to be newb scum. I didn't even know what Watch Dogs was and it's being made by Ubisoft Montreal, lol. I checked out a trailer, it looks kool.
    Heh, there are so many games that I'm looking forward to! The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, that new Metal Gear game that keeps changing title, hehe. You?
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