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  • No, I haven't! Really need to get on that! I've been catching up with a couple other shows, but I'm bored enough this summer I should still get into it while I have a chance. It's only a couple seasons in, right? Shouldn't be too difficult to catch up. Then again, I've gotten into shows before that were already 4-5 seasons in.
    Yes - I think that that is a good idea too. It is a shame that there is so much stigma attached to mental illness, when really it could happen to any one of us. Well I do support it - I think that any thing that advocates and supports those who have some kind of psychological problem is definitely a good thing. I hope your mom doesn't feel to disheartened about it all - I am sure onde it gets going and she finds her feel with it all, it will become a lot easier. People will appreciate it I am certain.
    That is pretty understandable, but I guess it depends on what you want to do with it and in what kind of ways you want it to help people. Sometimes just bringing people together who go through the same kinds of things can be comforting. I think it's a good thing what you are doing though - it would make a difference I am sure.
    I am sure you will do fine. You seem pretty on to it around here. I am impressed that you are invoved with a group that supports people with SA.
    Sounds pretty formal - what kind of things does your group do? If you don't mind me asking..

    Sortty to hear about your Grandmother too :-(
    You know you miss my flirting with you;). Then again, that's kinda my schtick on here isn't it::p:? Well, that and trying to give out advice.
    I've got a question for you super. And then I'll flirt with you like old times::p:. If you could give me a title, what would it be;)?
    Lol! At least Zito is earning his keep these days!

    Hello! There's a book called "Hello Jello" that has lots of cool ideas! You can just Google image it and most of the pics are there. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
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