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  • It's midnight, it's like 3 am here.
    Meh, I've had better. I'm actually not to the best of my moods right now, but working on it. What about you? I saw your thread about being invisible, you shouldn't feel that way. Your boy friends sister isn't worth worrying about, she's the one with the problem getting all jealousy and whatnot... So don't beat yourself up for something that's not your fault... Hope you feel better =)
    Thank you. :) I actually don't do enough walking. I mean, I'll walk to the shops and back if I need something, but I don't do enough walking on its own and leave my wallet at home. Considering I live in suburbs and it's very hot in summer to walk, it might make sense, but it also sounds like I'm making excuses, haha!

    I have an iPod so there's really no reason for me not to do that.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see you do that, too. It's a great way to let your mind ponder and get some healthy exercise in. :)
    Noble, huh? Well, thank you for the compliment:D! I've never thought of myself as a "hopeless romantic," but it's nice to know now!
    Sorry for asking something so personal and thanks for asking it anyway::p:!
    Yeah, maybe I'll plan to do that if I can muster up the courage to tell her how I feel. Thanks for the advice, Marie:). Also, what do you mean by "hopeless romantic"? I've heard of the phrase, but I never understood what it meant. Is it bad? Are you one?
    When I say regret, I mean acting on those feelings. I'm pretty sure that I still like her, but.... I don't know, I just don't want to do anything until I've settled every other romantic connection. I want to be absolutely sure she's the one I'll be able to devote myself entirely to.
    Also, congrats on getting a new house, was it?
    OMG, I just saw your blog. I can't wait to try your squash recipe, and you and your boyfriend are so cute together!! :)
    I've got 2 cats and a dog right now, check my album for a pic of my dog Syd (she's my baby) I need to get pics of my cats this week I think. I'm also working on getting the okay from one of my parents on a chinchilla...hopefully my dad so my dog has a friend to hang out with.
    Hi Marie! Hope you're having a nice weekend. Your thread about doing awesome stuff was such a great idea, reading everyone's responses is making me smile! :)
    thanks, sweet of you to pm me, but i guess that explains your name! :D seems i have alot in common with people here
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