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  • Hey Moa, Great that you've found a job. What kind of job is it? I saw your post at the 2011 review. I really hope you will find yourself less stressful about it. I know how you feel, I'm the same with College. But it's so good that we can learn a lot.

    Cool stuff about birds by the way, I never really had a hobby like that, watching birds. Do you study names et cetera? My brother does. He loves it.

    Well, maybe we coudl become friends on SPW.

    Have a nice day.

    Oh your bunny is adorable! I love the way he has his ears down like he's meditating.

    I've heard that rabbits make good house pets.
    I saw a user name called "antidepressant" which made me laugh so this was an extension.....may change the avatar though...its already starting to annoy me
    Thanks for accepting me as a friend. I have read a couple of your posts here and can really relate to what you say. Hope you are having a good day :)
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