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  • Hi.Studying and working can be draining emotionally and physically so hopefully your managing.Studying I know from personal experience is very worthwhile plus it gives a person the chance to meet more people.Even though that can hard at times for the anxious.What are you studying and what job do you do?
    Sorry about the slow response.I have had a bad cold so I have been on the site alot less.Music is one big constant in my life year after year for as long as I can remember.I listen to alot of rock music as well as some rnb.Groups and artists like Alice in Chains,Queen,Foofighteers,Bonjovi,M Jackson,Prince.
    I saw your comment about me and responded in chatbox. How random is that?! I hardly ever go on this site these days. I'm doing 'okay', I hope you're doing well. :)
    Lui, check the UNV program out.

    United Nations Volunteers:Â*Short-term assignments

    They give options for three month projects.
    New [16-02, 01:39] luiface Hahahahahahaahhah
    New [16-02, 01:39] luiface Bahahaa
    New [16-02, 01:39] luiface Bahahaha
    New [16-02, 01:39] luiface Babbabahabba.bhasjcjjenhzhsn c.f. jsjzgms
    Lui! Im sooo happy to hear that things are going well for you:) keep it up, you might not have any need for this site in the near furture:) but none the less, thankyou for letting me know how you are doing:)
    Hi lui! Sorry I missed you in the chatbox. Hope everything is going well.... I know you must have just started school again, how is tnat going so far? Are continuing with weight lifting?
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