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  • Hi.I do volunteer sometimes in a large green house with grounds around it were plants,herbs,fruits etc are grown..I get to work sometimes with plants which is my passion.The green house is filled with huge amount of different sorts of plants.I have been to Kew Gardens three or so times and its amazing.They have large tropical greenhouses filled lots of exotic plants.Everytime Im still amazed by it.I also grow lots of plants at home in containers.

    I find that reminding myself of my positive points helps to make me feel better about myself.Its easy to focus on the negative things about yourself.

    If you had more confident how would change your situation?
    Hi.Hopefully you working on your insecurity since as you know confidence affects most parts of a persons life.I have been very insecure and low in cofidence over the years but I have worked on it.Im more confident now but its still causes me some problems.Jobs and making the right choices cause most people stress and for anxious people its even worse at times.But fear of making mistakes can cause you to do nothing at all meaning a person stays stuck in a difficult situation.Frozen by fear.Im okay at making decisions and choices but I find I make make rash ones unless I take the time to really think thinks through.

    Maybe speaking to someone like a career adviser might help you work out your options career wise.Did you like teaching english?

    For me a dream job would be working as a gardener in a large botanic gardens like Kew Gardens.I actual volunteer regularly once a week in a greenhouse with large gardens.
    Late replying I know.Im not use to getting regular messages on this site since I only speak to a couple of people on here unfortunettly and I message them reguraly but every 4 or more days.I will make sure I respond more quickly to your next message if you send me one.

    I work part time in a resturant making basic meals like salads,burgers.I have been there for over 5 years and Im proud of myself for sticking with it.But its not my dream job but it pays the bills.Finding a job you enjoy that pays enough to live on has been tricky for me due to my anxiety and other factors.Plus employers dont always give you a chance during interviews.Is common I think for the very anxious to have employment issues.

    what would be your dream job and what jobs have you done over the years?
    Hi.Sorry for my slow reply.I try to respond quickly to messages when I can.Your written english is very good going by your message.I hear that Argentina is rich in nature which Im a big fan of plants and animals.I live in London,England and Im a Brit.Who do you translate for and do you enjoy the job?
    Hi.I noticed you are a translator.I think people who speak multiple languages are talented considering it must have taken a long time to learn. I only speak English myself.Which languages do you speak fluently?
    Hello again ana sorry for the late reply I'm not used to this site and just saw your wall post reply to me :) maybe we can be penpals? I miss writing and it'd be nice to look forward to and share interest and feelings. I am very lonely and think I'm not good enough for friends and long to be 'normal'. May I ask your reasons for social anxiety? Feel free 2 reply privately or add me on FB; my name is Nicole Thyer. Would love to chat & also get help learning Spanish if that's the language there? Xx take care and thanks again
    Hi Ana. I am suffering with HH since childhood and have never met anyone suffering with the same problem like me.

    Do you like to be my friend?
    Hi there :greeting: I’m doing ok, thank you. As for remembering who you are *scrolls down previous conversation with ana0989* indeed I do remember who you are :) It's great to hear from you again. And thank you so much for the hug. I always think you can never have enough internet hugs :) Anyway, thanks again for stopping by my friend, and I hope you are keeping well.
    hi there... we have a shared friend & i'm looking to make more on here especially those with hyperhidrosis which has caused me depression, social anxiety, mental fatigue & other issues. i wish there were more people with it who go online! i miss having friends & someone to confide in. is your name ana? are you from the uk? no worries if you don't wanna reply! nic x
    Hi there :greeting: Thank you for your message :thumbup: I can understand what you mean about the warm weather being too unbearable at times. When it's summer in England, we do get brief (very brief even) times of hot weather, and I usually wish it was winter when that happens. Although now that it's kind of still winter, I wish it was summer :giggle: Oh and as for my age, some people say I don't look a day older than 29, but in actual fact I am 30 :) Anyway, thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you're having a great day! And by all means message me if you need a friend to chat to.
    Hi Ana0989! :) I'm doing ok, thank you. And thank you for accepting my FR. As for where I'm from, I'm from England. I've never been to Argentina myself, but it seems like a nice country. And I would imagine the weather is a lot warmer where you are right now. It's kind of cold over here at the moment, so I'm jealous of anyone who lives in a warmer climate :) Anyway, I hope you're doing ok. And thanks once again for accepting my FR :)
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