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  • Hi.Just thought I would say hi.I noticed you like art and so do I.I like looking at paintings I think about the scenes depicted in them.What do you like about art?
    Hi there! I just noticed you in the DNA ethnicity thread. It's a fascinating thing. Anyway, if you ever need someone to chat with, feel free to send a message :)
    hey there... out of curiosity ....where r ya from?...i know u r lost..but where were u last found :)
    hello =] hope you're well and all this just told me this message is too short to post unless i add more characters -.- <<well..those are my added characters XD
    hey are you Muslim by any chance? That'd be so absolutely awesome cause I'm probably the only Muslim I know of with SA. i just thought maybe you are cause I saw a post where you mentioned "Inshallah." =]
    I went to Chinese school too but it was a long, long time ago. My Cantonese is really poor. It's extremely embarrassing especially when I go to Hong Kong. I need to practice more.
    Are you fluent in Cantonese/Mandarin? Can you read and write too? ^ ^
    Both my parents are from Hong Kong so we visit maybe once a year, always very exciting. This year we went to Beijing as well. You'll really enjoy it, the place is amazing.
    Hello, I'm good thank you. Wow, are you from Hong Kong or mainland China?
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