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  • was it this? Gilmore Girls - Season 5 Episode 11: Women Of Questionable Morals
    Hey, no sweat. I knew you were flat-out with exams and whatnot so it's all good. :) I'm glad you got through it and you can now enjoy winter break!

    No rush with the letter, either. Whenever you can. I just want you to enjoy your time off! That's an order! ::p:
    Why are we not GoodReads friends? Hit me up. I like to see what other people have read and what they think about them.
    I found this chick who does reviews of OUAT online. They crack me up. I don't always agree with her, but I spent one night reading all the reviews and the pictures that come with it and I will admit to snorting with laughter.
    You should definitely go! I'll let you know next time I head out there ;)

    My job is a dishwasher, I worked as one in high school so it's nothing new. Get to keep to myself, doing repetitious backbreaking work ::p:

    Hope everything goes well with your class and the doctor finds nothing wrong, no one likes being sick! The semester is already half over if that makes things any better though :D What/why are you taking a year off, travelling the world? take lots of pictures :D
    I've been here and there, doing a lot of nothing, okay for the most part though ::p:. I just got back from California a little bit ago, that was fun. And just got a job I'm starting this week! How is you?
    Yeah, totally. It doesn't matter how stressed or overloaded you are, you DO need down times, otherwise you will do stark raving mad! I'm off to band practice now - my version of "down time" haha! I'm sorry for your recent troubles and I'm here if you need to chat. Take care.
    Oh, damn, sorry. Didn't mean for you to do that! :eek: I understand your brain is fried so hopefully some relax time is on its way. Take care. :)
    No messages since March? Bah. Leaving you a message here in the hopes you're doing well. :)
    It's okay if you're not the exercising-type because I have shades of it too::eek::! But it sounds like you have your plan. I just don't want you to get too stressed out is all:).
    If you're getting too bogged down, then you should find a way to relieve some of the stress and tension inside of you:). Like, say, a new hobby or exercise. There should be a gym nearby, correct? Jokes also help to relieve tension.
    Can you withstand the work pressure:eek:?

    You aren't poking being nosy by inquiring about me:). People hardly visit my realm; it's nice to have company.
    Have classes started picking up for you yet?

    On a side note though, what made you want to talk to me? I'm curious.
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