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  • Hi Pacific_loner! Thanks for the time you took with the european list movies :) I'll catch them later.
    Has spring sprung there yet? We have flowers now, and just in the past week the mesquite trees have sprouted leaves again. Maybe flowers will encourage you to get out more.
    "You can see it that way if you don't mind lying down alone in your own sh*t for the rest of your life. It's less effort, and it's warm and cozy, after all."

    Posts like this remind me of why I adore you.

    Breathtaking! Nearest I've got to being that high up was in the Rocky mountains near big bear lake.
    Your diet sounds intriguing. There's a bacteria in the gut that affects the brain and a good diet will starve it? I would love to hear more. :)
    Yeah I am doing ok. My mind is ****ed up but I guess that's normal. Pretty ****in sure I have ADD. My meds are allowing it to run rampant sometimes, get hyper out of the blue.

    I am not this Sial in real life.
    Hey, I have an issue that I need help with. Do you know any staff members that are online right now?
    whaaaa? I told you already? Must be an old person moment. I don't remember that. Here's something positive: you will have a great day after reading this. No matter bad it looks or feels you will smile. Keep your chin up you're awesome! (can you do better than that?)
    You're trying to scare me!? Pah, you'll have to try harder next time :p
    I am all right me thinks. Was promoted to senior tech at work.
    How are you?
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