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  • Well, lets see,
    1.) Broke Tibia or Fibia left leg while biking
    2.) broke ankle left leg while walking
    3.) Future broken left leg from a future car accident. Third time is a charm. :D :eek:
    Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
    Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
    Wish u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.2011!!!


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    Yes i know what u mean about self-esteem i definetly agree with that is about it. But how they can have him if they dont look for people so good and they dont like them so much but they anyway shine this i dont understand how they can be so strong. And go trought some bullying and dont have SA,avpd whatever. Maybe they suffer silence some of them but some are really very careless about the way how they look and still have great self-esteem. Yes this i was always to thinking if im so clamsy and awkward,then i should be beautiful that people have something looking at. What is bad person and good?Aww boring can be everyone in some case for someone. Not always people click good with others and consider them boring even if they arent. Why do you think u are bad??You have for sure some good features dont tell me everything is bad about u. This is BDD in your head or other biest what let u thinking like that.

    I feel the same about the appearance like u. I tryed so much things to forgot about it. But is exactly as u was writing be obssesed with beauty and i love how other people are happy with the way how they look even if they arent superstars i really wonder how they do it,how they can be still so much happy. I will like to be your frend. Take care!
    I do not mind if you spam me. :D

    When I didn't find a direct translation, I looked the band up on wiki and found out about their name there. It bugs me to no end when I don't understand something. :P
    Well I wouldn't say I'm into accordions in particular. The La Rue song is kinda catchy though. Makes me wish I'd payed more attention in high school French a million years ago. "The (something) street--you talk (something)". D'oh

    Hm. Now I have to look it up or I'll wonder all day.
    My favorites from them:

    They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) on Vimeo


    Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants on Vimeo

    (much better quality than youtube)

    That's not good! Have you been looking for a new job? I have to go to the Jobcenter tomorrow and lie about applying for jobs so I get paid my allowance from them. I feel bad about it but I just can't do it!
    I would too if I had the money. I visited 2 beaches, playa Samara and Cahuita (there are plenty of rasta people playing reggae all night). Costarica is a real paradise.
    Great, I've been once in Mexico too.. went by bus from Mexico City all the way to Panama City, not overnight or so, I travelled very slowly with many stops, then I flew to Ecuador and to Peru. The whole trip took me 3 months. I was thinking about going to Palenque too, but I was lazy because it was a lot out of the way and I wasn't in the best state of mind. Later I visited the beautiful Costarica beaches which were breathtaking, sadly I couldn't stay forever, even if I could, don't think this would be the solution to my problems that would give me hapiness.
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