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  • :) What I liked most about Japan was....... the peace and quiet, the beautiful big green parks and forests, the friendly people, the mystique that seems to lurk under all surfaces......
    What I found hard to like was; the surfaces ...
    Hi!! Long time no see... I´ve been away and now I´m back. How are you?
    I have been doing well thanks. I moved to a new place, amongst other things.
    Well, I lived in Tokyo, because I had a job for a family from my country, I moved there with them to take care of their children, the house, cooking..... stuff like that!! The job was horrible but every second I spend experiencing Japan was just wonderful.
    Wow! You should be so proud of yourself for coming first in all your classes...that's amazing!
    Ypu shouldn't worry about how long it's taken you to get to this point, because obviously you are smart enough to pass any exam you take. You should be proud and happy to pass any exam which means that hopefully you can get any job you want!
    It sounds good that u are working out some things. I don´t know, I just have a really bad time most of the time, and it´s been like this for many years now. Before I used to be happy or neutral most of the time, now I´m mainly sad, bored, passive. I don´t know how to make myself happier... I really don´t. When I´m happy it lasts for a short time and then it´s gone, and gone is the whole meaning of anything. I wish I could change.
    How are you.. from your posts it sounds a little rough for u right now. For what it´s worth, u r not the only one...
    Thank you

    When I feel low, there´s nothing that really helps, and life does feel totally meaningless.
    But usually my mood changes.. It´s always up down up.
    My father end everything he has done, effects me a lot. I want more distance.

    Viva la revolution
    All we are doing is trying to fit into this society that we created.
    (Quote : you)
    Yes man exactly...
    just forget about sa and think of it as learning experience. i try to pretend i am normal as everyone...
    good luck :D
    share if you have some progress
    Hi, well thank U for appreciating what I wrote in that thread. Usually people think I´m weird when I speak my mind about stuff like that, so being understood is rare and just wonderful
    That movie was just plain horrible *shudders*. Goku in high school? That is believable >_>. To be honest I don't think Keanu as Spike is that far off at least physically. The problem lies in Keanu's temperament being too cold and dry for Spike who is naturally sarcastic.
    Which Gundam series? I'm not a fan of the newer ones but I did like 0080 and 0083 a lot. Dragon Ball Z I was converted to, used to hate it at first but then I started watching the Cell and Buu saga at the request of my best friend and got hooked immediately. Cowboy Bebop will always be my among my favorites..I like Spike's personality a lot. Did you hear that a CB movie will be made with real people? Scary thought and they are thinking of casting Keanu Reeves as Spike. I pretty much agree with you on the Red Wings they are one of the best teams around.
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