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  • Man, I knew you'd check in eventually! Lets catch up some time, inbox me your pref contact and ill hit you up when i swing back around. Hope you're well!
    Wow hello, I have to be honest I barely remember you! But good for you if you were away so long doing better. I've been here on and off. I'm generally way better than 7 years ago, but I still come here often because it's less exhausting than talking to people "out there"...
    wow been around 7 years since my last log in, came to see my cringey past self, but apparently i wiped most of the evidence back then on the last log in, well done past me... well done
    anyone of the oldies still lurking once in a while? i wonder what directions your lives took :}
    Hey, I finished summer skool. I wasn't able to talk to anyone in the end, but I did answer some questions in class, something that I had never done before. I guess it's some kind of improvement. So you have nothing to live for, enh? I doubt that's true. Live for yourself. Fighting SA, giving yourself objectives and taking the necessary steps to accomplish them, persevering in life and at school, all of those things are the ultimate form of expression. Express yourself, prove that you can do it. You know that if you can beat it, then nothing will be able to stop you after that. I told you I would support you. Cheer up sweetie.
    And don't be sad about the 3 next year for finishing your career, that's nothing! I spent one full year working after bachelor and then I joined computer engineering, but it wasn't what I expected and I joined graphic design the next year (I think I made a good choice now that I've finished). I could say I lost 2 years, that made me change and choose the right option. And now if you're working it's not a problem if it will require one year more, at least you'll be working and taking some money. That's also good :]. The important is to finish the career and never give up. Time goes fast and you'll be really glad when you finish it =)

    By the way, I've seen some israeli films! I remember: Walk on water, Yossy and Jagger, Lemon Tree (I hope it's the english name) and Waltz with Bashir (the last one). I've been always curious about israeli cinema, I don't know why ::eek::

    Have you ever travelled to Europe? :>

    It's never long enough! ;]
    Nothing to be sorry! I've been out for three days and I came yesterday at night, so that's why I didn't give life signals these days ;}

    Don't worry about the fuel! I've got some russian contacts and I'm sure we'll overcome this! Anyway I like the idea of making a new one and going beyond. Maybe I can put a nuclear reactor so we can forget about supplying problems (we'll probably have to face radiation problems but it is worth it :rolleyes:) :>

    It sounds really nice to be able to create things and work doing it :). Working for the aerospace industry would be awesome! I would also like to work there as graphic designer. In principle I think I'm going to specialize in multimedia, new technologies, video and videogames. It's the future and I really like it, but I like many different graphic areas, so I'm not closed to anything (well, I don't like so much logo designing, I prefer other branchs ::eek::).
    lol thank you, love that song. Oh why do you build me up, buttercup... :D

    YouTube - ‪The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup‬‏
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